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planned parenthood

“All I can say is my heart’s broken.”
planned parenthood

...blamed the attack on...

It's made up entirely of veggies, so there is no guilt in eating the entire pan!

...talent is becoming more and more recognized since...
black friday

...synonymous with long lines, good deals, crazy consumerism, and, increasingly so, violence...

Does the perfectness of our circumstances determine our requirement of giving thanks?

Your guests will be impressed when your turkey looks just as good as it does in a Norman Rockwell painting!
bindi irwin emotional roller coaster...

Stumped on what to get the man in your life for Christmas? We've got you covered!
angelina jordan

Captures their incomparable moody, jazzy vocal styles...

"My brain might be different than yours, but..."
cerebral palsy

"...predestined conditions don't ever dictate the outcome of the final chapter..."
lady gaga

“I have a lot more to offer people than my image.”

...a testament to the love and closeness the couple had always shared...

...will stop at nothing to keep his little human entertained...
Maddie Wilson

When they come together, they make magic happen!
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