Soldier Is Honored For Bayonet Charge, While Obama Plays Games

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In an effort overcome Gov. Romney’s foreign policy positions during the debate, Obama tried to demonstrate his military prowess by claiming there are fewer bayonets in use now than there were in 1916.

The president’s intimation was that we have moved beyond bayonets and the kind of fighting associated with it.

The problem — bayonets are in higher use now than they were in 1916. Moreover, a soldier who used one of those bayonets to lead a charge amid a hail bullets in Afghanistan is being honored with Britain’s Military Cross.

Corporal Sean Jones, 25, of the 1st Battalion of The Prince of Wales Regiment, says he and his fellow soldiers were ambushed and trapped in a water-filled ditch in October 2011. Under heavy fire “from three different points,” Jones says it was clear he and his men needed to do something quickly.

So Jones ordered three of his men to “fix bayonets” and he led them in an 80 meter charge into enemy fire. While charging, Jones also carried a grenade for which he sought a target.

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  1. This in no way shows that President Obama was “playing games” during the debate! In fact, it shows how correct he was! This was a British soldier, not an American. And, while bayonets are still issued in combat gear to our military here, they are rarely used! More sensationalism by the Teapublicans I see here in this story!

    • So sad to see how disillusionend and overly critical of the tea party and basically republicans you are. I whole heartedly believe all goverment officials either in office or running for office will at some point “play games” in an attempt to make themselves look better in the voters eyes!

      • r u serious??? do not drink anymore of that kool aid.. your so drunk on it you cant see straight. so you think its ok for the president of the united states to be playing games??? and so i guess i should have run against him i like to play games to… Im taking it then the 8 + days that he LIED to the american people about what happened in Libya to our 4 americans being MURDERED was ok to?? guess he was just playing a little game then too??? its people like you with your small little liberal mind that scares the hell out of me when it come to what kind of America my grandchildren have to look forward to… get educated you idiot!

        • Obama doesnt know what he is doing. He sticks out like a sore thumb because he is out of place. He is not sacred to this ground or this country, and HE shows everyone that the best. There are signs you know, people only do things for certain reasons. No one cares anymore, thats the problem.

    • the point is that the Marines still use and train with bayonets. We also invaded Afghanistan on horseback. Of course Obama was playing games during the debates. That is all he doesn. His arrogant attack on Romney has been throughly discredited and not just by this story.

    • Nice try, Bobby. Our military still use bayonets and horses. Obama just made himself look like a fool (again). Marines are trained to use bayonets, horses were used in Afghanistan. Looks to me like you are following in your hero’s footsteps.

  2. bless Obama’s heart…he tries, doesn’t he? If he’d just stay off the campaign trail or off the golf links enough to go to those pesky briefings about, you know, things the Commander in Chief should be knowledgable about!!! 🙁

  3. Bobby Burns: Our Marines still use bayonets which is the entire point (or Obama’s pointlessness as the case my be).

  4. I have 3 cousins currently in the US military. They do still use bayonets. Bayonets are even a required part of basic training for a marine.

    “We spoke with Dan Riker from Bayonet Inc. — a leading military surplus outlet that specializes in bayonets — who tells us he believes Obama’s comment was “ignorant … because our soldiers still use bayonets.”

  5. The point is, too many people are speaking bullshit. If everyone could keep their mouth shut and quiet down their ego’s this might actually be a nice place. There is too much bullshit and lies, and it starts with a white lie. Obama is no better than Romney in my opinion because they are both human, and have strengths and weakness, what we need is a true leader, because they dont need to think before they speak, their intuition speaks for them because their heart is true. Neither of the candidates have this mark of value. Therefore its wrong and it shows you its wrong, and nothing good will come from either side. Obama didnt just play that game, they are all playing, and you’re invited.

  6. I enjoyed reading comments and observations. My husband served in Viet Nam 68/69 and volunteered. 2 bronze stars and a cloverleaf. I came within a window of 24 hours of joining myself in 68. What stopped me? My WWII Navy Dad who cried and begged me not to, so I honored his plea. I never stood on a soap box but I would not date draft doggers or those who relentlessly tried to avoid the draft. I saw it make men and women stronger. My husband is someone after 42 years of marriage I CONTINUE to admire. Our President embarasses me withhis foolish words.

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