Video: Programmer Testifies About Rigging Elections

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Clinton Eugene Curtis testified under oath, before the Ohio State legislature, that he wrote a program to rig elections. This program would flip the total vote from the real winner to the candidate who had been pre-selected to win by the electronic vote counting machines.


  1. I live in Hudson, Ohio and the results were that Romney got 62% of the vote. So it doesn’t seem like there was any fraud here but you never know. Poor Colonel West is having a tough go of it in Florida.

  2. I worked in Ohio for 3 weeks prior to election day. I saw, I listened and I am sitting here right now in Maryland convinenced that this will not go away. Romney won this election and until this matter is cleared up, we are faced with a real civil war. The liberal press has got to cover this one. It is simply too big to hide. Damn it, what in the hell is going on in this country? Are we living in Russia?

  3. There’s NO WAY Romney lost this election! I’m absolutely convinced that there’s an awful lot of voter fraud especially in certain counties & cities in the swing states!

    • I voted for Romney and Ryan it was my first time ever voteing and the people who whent with me also was voteing for the frist time and it was for Romney .I say we demand a recount and we won’t take no for an ansewer…sorry for my bad spelling I’m 52 and do my best

      • Follow through & do not give up… If i was faced with any problems when I voted with fraud, you can bet I would not stop until I got true answers… I do not believe Romney lost…too much FRAUD was involved …needs to be looked into, plus the poll workers should be put through a fine tooth comb…bottom line, this whole voting procedure must be changed & we should make it known to start now & not wait til it is too late… voter,photo ID, must present a valid birth certificate…paper voting, no electronics allowed… poll workers should be investigated & be under some kind of bond in order to work there. also make sure the military get their ballots in time so their votes can be counted, what a shame they are chastised in this manner !

  4. There is vote fraud in all states that have no Voter ID law enacted. In PA the Voter ID law that was to be law, was delayed by a judge’s ruling “that it would take too long to implement in time for Nov. 6th” End result: PA went to Obama! In 59 voting wards in Phila, there were 19,605 votes recorded, all went to the Democrats. Not one vote to Romney! That has to be a mathematical impossibility. I voted Republican in one of those Phila. wards. In states that did implement voter ID, I understand that those states did go to Romney.
    Also, in the last gubernatorial & State Congress elections in PA, both went Republican….only two years ago.
    Phila. had a higher vote percentage for Obama than did Chicago! Phila. The City of Brotherly Fraud!

      • Yes, I found that out, plus VA …and we lost both of them. Still, Voter ID would be a good start throughout the country. Then, erasure of all the deceased whose names are still on voter rolls.(and used for cheating) I did see that 1000 ballots were found in a FL warehouse, in addition to another 900+ a few days ago. Early voting has been made a farce, I think it has to go! For all we know Allen West could have won. The voting machines are tampered with and nothing yet has been done. I wish I had a sensible solution apart from handwritten paper ballots protected by State-Nat’l Guard.

        • Why do you think voter ID would be a good start if, even with voter ID, voter fraud was rampant??? Don’t you see the flaw in your thinking?

      • Is it PICTURE ID? Seems like the states with Picture Id had no problem. Viriginia had the plain voter registration car Or Photo Voter Id. Not good!
        Should be Photo ID!

    • So, if you did vote for Romney in one of those districts, are you doing something about it? Have you alerted anyone to the issue?

      • Yes, my ward did record its Republican votes. I was able to ascertain that a few days later. That still doesn’t change the fact that 19,605 votes went to Obama in 59 wards, none for Romney. Possible but improbable

    • I usually refrain from engaging with people spouting half-baked ideas like the ones in these comments, but this one just begged for some facts in response. So here you go.

      “Many parts of Philadelphia and other big cities simply lack Republican voters, a fact of campaigning that has been true since Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, Stanford University’s Rodden said.

      In 2008, McCain got zero votes in 57 Philadelphia voting divisions. That
      was a big increase from 2004, when George W. Bush was blanked in just
      five divisions.”

      • And the poster just said that he voted in one of those wards with zero votes. So should it not have reflected at least HIS ONE VOTE?

        • You are assuming this poster is a Republican. Did he say that? No. He said no one voted for McCain in those 57 voting divisions. Could it be possible he is a Dem, since he never declares his party affiliation?

          • He said, “I voted Republican in one of those Phila. wards.” so yeah… I assume that means he was republican and that he voted Romney… or did i miss something?

          • No, he’s a lifelong Republican and please don’t be confused by all the theories and feed-backs. I was that voter/writer of two days ago who reported the “0” votes for Romney, the 19,605 votes for Obama throughout 59 wards reported. Phila. has more wards than 59, but we still lost anyway. Phila. actually voted in greater percentage for Obama than Chicago!
            I did not mention John McCain nor that 2008 vote, nor 57 wards. Perhaps someone else did.
            The poster did vote Republican, has always voted Republican, if the poster to whom you allude posted under my name, mcbee555.

        • There were no Romney votes out of 19,605 votes cast in 59 wards, that is a fact. That is all the news we got following the election. It develops that in my ward, my vote and other Romney votes were counted, there are more than 59 wards in Phila.

      • What you’ve stated, I’m sure you don’t consider half-baked. Nor was my comment. I live in Phila.
        The fact is there is a double-standard that has existed, but I’ll just deal with Nov. 6 past. 61% of whites voted for Romney nationally, they are being called racists. But, when 94% of blacks vote for Obama, that’s got nothing to do with race!

    • Why can’t the people of the USA demand a revote with paper ballots and I bet Romney wins because he does not lie and cheat and he is a Christian and gives respect to our Country’s flag. I just tried to post this and was unable to and the screen went blank is this another trick to keep USA from knowing the fraud involved.

      • Lynn: Your posting is alive and well. I had a similar circumstance where my screen would also quit on me. It turned out to be a virus and a fairly expensive one to cure. I found that even with a virus protection program, one is not completely invulnerable to certain computer viruses.

  5. Not a word about this in DC. Anyone with half a brain knows this election was rigged and not a thing is being done. Why? I’m ready to do whatever I can to help. Just let me know.I’m sure there are a lot more like me.

    • I don’t think that most supporters have even half a brain or don’t know how to use even half if they have one. It is easier to sit back and let the government think for you and provide for you.

  6. Early voting is also a major way to vote several times. Without Voter ID and double checking every vote, the liberals will continue to win.

      • I don’t think there was a large illegal vote, manly because this election year were less votes then normal. If anything I would say some 10 millions votes just vanished. I seriously find it hard to believe that Romney got less votes then McCain considering the disdain the GOP feels towards Obama and his policies. Obama also got about ten million less votes…

        • I think the numbers were 7 million less for Democrats, 3 million less for Republicans, but the Democrats still won the Electoral College count.
          I too, felt sure that the Republican vote bloc + Independents would have won this election. You’re so mright, disdain seemed to be at a peak. There is still too much fraud, if one person’s vote is nullified by one fraudulent vote, that’s too much.
          I wonder what it will take to return integrity to the voting system. It’s besieged by voter fraud, vote machine tampering…what’s next?

    • Photo ID PLEASE! They won’t mess with this so far ! It is the voter registration cards with no Photo that many states allow and you could register at several addresses and then vote many times. i.e. Rep. Virginia Jim Moran’s , son giving advice how to do this fraud ! The only way the Democrats can win! Cheating!
      They are born without conscience. Luciifer’s spawn for sure!

  7. This is just so hard to fathom … why is it necessary? We live in, undoubtedly, the greatest country on earth, and yet there are those that choose to destroy what we have. This is obvious with the outcome of the election. We had the opportunity to have an American that believes in our Constitution and what our forefathers believed in and laid out for this country. We must do what it take to see that this happens. We must stand up for what is right, and stand behind those that are willing to see this through. We have come to far to let this Nation be destroyed!

  8. Historical data on 56 previous elections indicate at least 15 to 20 million votes flipped and missing. Data available for everyone right in front of our eyes. Out of 56 presidential elections there were only 7 elections that voter turn out was down from previous elections. The combined total for all 7 elections is 13,428,613 or 0.73% out of all 56 elections generating 1,835,207,811 votes. These 7 elections had events such as war of 1812, civil war, ww2, stock market crash attached to declines in voter turn out.

    The average growth in all presidential elections is 2,892,573 per election. The increase in votes for the last 5 presidential elections is 40 million. Yes that’s an average of 8 million more votes per for the last 5 elections, In 2008 131 million votes were counted. On Nov 2012 Gallop reported that this election mattered more to democrats 66% independents 62% and republicans 85%. So voter turnout 131 million from 2008 + 8 million average rate of growth last 5 elections + increased voter interest. That is 139 million + increased interest. 122 million votes counted for 2012 ???? THATS A SHORTFALL OF 17 MILLION VOTES!!!!! Where are they ? Everyone lets put on our thinking caps and why are we being distracted to different issues?.

    does it touch you in your core?

    Also check

  9. This video & these comments are very interesting.We need to get to the bottom of this pertaining to all of the elections last week because sooner or later the truth always comes up to the surface.Making a Voter ID Law In Each State Including Proof Of American Citizenship A MUST will solve part of the problem.

  10. I think, truth is, a lot of republicans are just furious because a black democrat politician got re-elected. Did we not know before that, that politicians have a tendency to lie, waste money, and use whatever group/ organization that screams the loudest to get elected. Most patriots do not care about their country, but the division of it (republican- democrat) and their own wallet

    • Nothing to do with race. The republican party is the party that fought for ALL rights of minorites and women. The idea that the left is the minority party is a misnomer created by LBJ to get the black vote. LBJ said, “I’ll have those n#$&*s voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” The left has had Klansmen in the US senate as little as 5 years ago. The left has a history of keeping blacks angry and feeling like whites are out to get them so that most issues LOOK like racial issues when in reality it is just a system of control. Feel free to look up the history of the civil rights movement, NOT blogs or propaganda but the people involved and their political parties. Look at how it stood prior to the “Great Society” plan by LBJ and you will see that republican NOT democrats did everything they could for equality for women and minorities. BTW Obama is just as white as he is black…
      The real problem has been mounting for years, one group gets power and forces it view on the other group, taking what should be state issues and turning them into federal ones.

      • Absolutely right. That fact alone blows a hole so big in the “conspiracy theory” that you could drive a semi through it! What IS a fact is that just maybe the voter suppression laws passed in the red states affected as many Republicans as Democrats….we have mail ballots only in Washington and Oregon and no polling places or long lines with people leaving after hours in line without voting. Not one allegation of voting machine fraud because we don’t use them. And by the way, a Republican has held the office of Secretary of State since 1968. No complaints, whining or voter fraud in these two states.

    • If Obama was a white Democrat, flaunting a similar non-record of achievement, then what would your theory be? Is John Kerry any better to lead the country than Barack Obama? I think they’re about the same. Were you happy with white Bill Clinton’s smooth talking lies? Do lies mean anything at all anymore?
      People do vote for their wallets, their families, and taxes and the economy are most important. The ones who produce want to be free to produce without the many regulatory laws to inhibit productivity. Then there are the ones who don’t produce and hate those who do. The Republican vs. Democrat today is about freedom via smaller, less expensive government vs. central controlled statism.
      One more point…if you haven’t read the Obamacare Law, you’re in for the surprise of your life! When Pelosai said “We have to pass it to see what’s in it,” just wait until you see what’s in it come Jan.2014, when it’s in full bloom.

  11. So what this man is saying is that he wrote the code for flipping the vote in Southern Florida (Hevily Democratic) in 2000, so it resulted in Gore being cheated out of the state of Florida costing him the presidency and then the recount was stopped by the Supreme Court (covering up the proof?). Assuming what the peron says is true, Bush lost Florida due to Republican vote rigging? And from the posts here, it looks like if it benefitted Republicans in 2000 that’s okay, but Obama in 2012 then it’s foul play. Isn’t the human condition a fascinating thing? It all depends on whether your guy wins or not, not the fact that this man basically claims to have thrown the election in Florida in 2000 for Bush and a presidency was stolen by the Republicans. Fascinating…….

    • No, what YOU are saying is that it is ok now but was not then. If it was done in 2000 then we need to know about it. Unless winning is all that matters to you.

      • I thought his testimony made it clear that that the vote in 2000 was rigged. I don’t think cheating is okay in any election, including this one. I offered a solution we use in Washington and Oregon, mail in Ballots, No controversies or conspiricy theories, no voting machines to mess with and no 8 hour waits to vote. The thought of my 82 y/o father standing in line for so long is a nightmare I will never have to witness. Why are Republicans so opposed to a system that has never generated controversies or accusations of voter fraud and increases the voter turnout? Isn’t participation a good thing?

        • I’d like to see the WA and OR methods everywhere. We are strangling ourselves with hi-tech., then spend 4 years or more battling over the results.

  12. Excuse me. The person says what he did was flip votes and change the election. So Gore lost Florida in 2000 due to voter fraud and was the ligitimate winner, not Bush and the presidency was stolen. What sense would it make for the Dems to rig the 2000 election to lose?

    • Yes.. that is what it is saying. Democrats were so stupid that they rigged the election to lose. Obama’s win is just an accidental byproduct of that stupidity.

  13. All those of us that voted for Romney must come out of our safe havens and stand up and protest this fraud. If we do nothing it will continue and our children and grand children will suffer the consequences of our slovenly non action. Our fathers and grandfathers of the “greatest generation” will never forgive us!
    These people have made our country a sham!
    Organize and Attack!

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