5 Do-It-Yourself Christmas Gifts

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Last Friday I promised a post about “5 Easy DIY Holiday Gifts.” Well, they’re not all easy, but they’re doable!

I’ve only got official guides for three of them because I wasn’t sure if the other two would work out or not. They did, so maybe I’ll do real guides for the other two next year. So here they are, from easy to hard!


1. Candy Cane Marshmallows.

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2. Christmas Oreo Truffles.

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3. Sheet Music Christmas Ball Ornaments.

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4. Ho-Ho-Hot Chocolate.

It took me about two hours to figure out how to make this work, but I love it! It’s a little Santa put on a bag of hot chocolate powder. Perfect for a “Secret Santa” gift or a stocking stuffer!


– Skin-toned card stock

– Red card stock

– Brown paper bags

– Small bell

– 2 black beads (larger than seed beads, smaller than pony beads)

– 2 small buttons

– White furry yarn or fabric

– 2 small plastic bag

– Glue stick (for the paper)

– Mod Podge or tacky glue (for the fur)

– Black thread

– Red thread

– White thread

– Needle

– Scissors

– Regular scotch tape

– Double-sided tape

– Hot chocolate powder

– Mini marshmallows


1. Cut Santa face, beard, and hat shape (all connected) out of skin-toned card stock.

2. Cut hat shape out of red card stock, a little larger than skin-toned hat outline.

3. Using the glue stick, glue red hat onto larger skin-toned piece.

4. Sew bell onto end of hat using the red thread and only a couple of stitches. If you use too many, you will ruin the point of the hat. This step can be done at the very end if you don’t like bell sounds. It got a little bit annoying. 🙂

5. While you still have red thread on your needle, sew the red buttons on Santa’s cheeks.

6. Swap out the red thread for the black and sew on the eyes.

7. Using the Mod Podge or tacky glue (do not try to use the glue stick; ask me how I know that doesn’t work…!), glue on the material you have chosen for the fur on the hat.

8. Cut little curls from the fur material.

9. Using the tacky glue or Mod Podge, glue the curls on for the mustache.

10. While you’re letting Santa’s face dry, place one of the little plastic bags in front of you with one of the corners pointing at your belly button. Sew two lines with the white thread “up” to make a little pocket shape. This is the “beard.”

11. Fill it up with mini marshmallows.

12. Cut the excess of the bag off, including the zipping part of the bag.

13. Fold any excess as well as the open top to the back of the beard.

14. Tape it down.

15. Using the double-sided tape, tape the beard to the card stock face.

16. Fill the other little bag with some hot chocolate powder.

17. Wrap it with the brown paper bag.

18. Using the double-sided tape, tape the face to the bag. Whew! You’re done!


5. Stockings.

I hand embroidered these with our names. I cut the letters with my Cricut and taped them on while I did their outlines. It took me about six hours to outline and fill the names, but they look great. The red outside shell is polar fleece and they’re lined with white flannel. The “fur” is a remnant I found a while back that I knew would be perfect for these. It’s my own pattern but I definitely didn’t come up with this idea, seeing as it’s been around for decades. Don’t forget the bells on edge of the fur–if you try to peek in your stocking before Christmas morning the elves will hear you! 😉

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