[Video] Former Governor Ehrlich (R) Talks Federalsim, Immigration

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Heritage sat down with former Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich (R) earlier this month to discuss some of the issues he’s focused on since leaving the governor’s mansion in 2006, and his advice for conservative reforms going forward.

Ehrlich addressed what has become his cause célèbre in recent years: the clemency process. “It gives governors and presidents great power,” he said, “but there’s no great cry from the populace. You get no credit from the left or right when you do it, but it’s the right thing to do.”

With immigration reform potentially on docket for the 113th Congress, Erhlich also addressed the immigration issue. He vetoed a version of the DREAM Act early in his tenure.

“We need a Reaganesque conclusion to this very bitter and divisive episode,” Ehrlich said of the immigration debate. “Conservatives need to play here,” he added, citing worrying demographic trends that show Hispanic Americans shunning conservative candidates for office.

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  1. This isn’t about immigration. A foreigner who sneaks into the U.S. to pillage and plunder it is an INVADER, not an immigrant.

  2. If 12 million americans crossed the border to mexico it would be considered an invasion. If 12 million americans cross the border into Iran, China, Russia, Cuba, Venequela …they would be called dead people.

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