Hobby Lobby To Defy Obamacare

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Now that Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor has denied Hobby Lobby’s application for an emergency injunction protecting them from Obamacare’s HHS Mandate on abortion and birth control, Hobby Lobby has decided to defy the federal government to remain true to their religious beliefs, at enormous risk and financial cost.

Hobby Lobby is wholly owned and controlled by the Green family, who are evangelical Christians. The Greens are committed to running their business in accordance with their Christian faith, believing that God wants them to conduct their professional business in accordance with the family’s understanding of the Bible. Hobby Lobby’s mission statement includes, “Honoring the Lord in all we do by operating the company … consistent with Biblical principles.”

The HHS Mandate goes into effect for Hobby Lobby on Jan. 1, 2013. The Greens correctly understand that some of the drugs the HHS Mandate requires them to cover at no cost in their healthcare plans cause abortions.

Today Hobby Lobby announced that they will not comply with this mandate to become complicit in abortion, which the Greens believe ends an innocent human life. Given Hobby Lobby’s size (it has 572 stores employing more than 13,000 people), by violating the HHS Mandate, it will be subject to over $1.3 million in fines per day. That means over $40 million in fines in January alone. If their case takes another ten months to get before the Supreme Court—which would be the earliest it could get there under the normal order of business—the company would incur almost a half-billion dollars in fines. And then of course the Supreme Court would have to write an opinion in what would likely be a split decision with dissenters, which could easily take four or six months and include hundreds of millions of dollars in additional penalties.


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  1. This is a ruling from a Supreme Court judge who publicly on more than one occasion as stated in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and part of Texas should be given back to Mexico. So what do you expect from a moron like this.

    When the government has lost its moral compass it’s up to we the people to lead the way and that’s what hobby lobby is doing.

  2. Nobamacare is illegal. If the Supreme Court had not been pressured, I’m sure they would have declared it unConstitutional, as we all know it is! It needs to be defunded & dismantled!

  3. REMEMBER they saw it for what it really is a group of taxes and the government has the right to raise taxes and most just got a pay increase and i am sure some got other things that we don’t know about as justice is bought these days

  4. You go, Hobby Lobby and Green Family! If you were a family of middle eastern decent, your religious beliefs would be protected, but no, not as Christians! It’s time for the American people to rise up and take control of this country!

      • yYour comment on TIRED’S name being CHRISTIAN, They never said anything about being CHRISTIAN, They simply pointed out a discrmination between Christians and people of middle eastern decent. you my want to read a comment before passing judgment.

        • Oh, okay, I am SURE tired is agnostic/Buddhist/Wiccan… Sorry, the comment wreaks of Christian propaganda not based on facts. As a matter of fact, such comments are often resultant from filling one’s mind with the paranoid delusions proliferated by Fox and Christian based media. Regardless, Tired is making a racially charged statement based on nothing more than fear and bigotry – all also quite un-Christian.

  5. Obamacare is NOT wanted by a majority of American citizens. It is wanted by Democrat puppets who worship Obama and don’t think for themselves. It is indeed unlawful and unconstitutional. Plus a load of crap.

    • HEALTHCARE is WANTED/NEEDED by a majority of American Citizens. It is wanted by both Democrat and Republicans alike. Why can’t Republicans come up with a Healthcare solution that meets or exceeds Obamacare, is affordable, and appealing? Or better yet, why don’t Republicans do something about the COST of healthcare. HIV meds for a person in this country for a YEAR is $36K a year. In Africa the same HIV meds are $900 a year. Obama care made it where 150,000 Americans can now GET healthcare because they can’t be discriminated against because of pre-existing conditions. Praise Jesus for that!

      • I’ve always strongly believed that 95% of most problems are self inflicted. I think pregnancy and HIV would be close to the top of the list and now there are (by your numbers) 150,000 americans who, due to their selfish desires and lack of self control expect the rest of the hard working americans to pay for their problem. “When the gates are down, and the lights are flashing….and the whistle is blowing in vain!!….Don’t stay on the track, ignoring the facts….and then blame the wreck on the Train!!! We’re behind ya Hobby Lobby!!!

        • So epilepsy, diabetes, hypertension or any of the many other conditions for which insurance companies happily deny coverage are the result of selfish desires? What about a history of cancer?

    • I want it. I don’t need it , but I want it. And where I live, most people want it. You need to widen your horizons a little.

  6. we need a serious revolution in this country, disband everyone in the congress and start over, get rid of the court and never never let people be career politicians ever again, and make them serve with out millions of dollars and billions of perks—they are not gods

  7. God be with you, Hobby Lobby! You stepped out of your comfort zone to say you stand firm in the Lord! The owners of Hobby Lobby have set an example for all Christians to follow. Do you have a store near me in Ashtabula OH?

  8. You go, Hobby Lobby!!! Thanks for being strong enough to stand up for the voiceless children!!!!!! Upon HIS Rock you can stand– even when you feel alone, HE will bless you abundantly!!!!!Prayers your way !!!! 🙂

  9. Whether it’s Obamacare or any other health care, people still need to have insurance. I thought part of the teachings of Jesus was tolerance. If he died for ALL our sins, who are we and Hobby Lobby to decide otherwise. In my opinion, Hobby Lobby has just denied healthcare for their employees and I’m sure there are some who do not share their company’s viewpoint, so where does that leave them? (or is that part of the requirement to work at Hobby Lobby, which if it is, that is discrimination). The medicines that contribute to abortions are just part of the healthcare plan and they are also used for other things. No one is making any employee use these drugs, they are just part of the plan. If you don’t want to use those particular drugs, then use another drug covered under the healthplan. As I said before, Jesus died for everyone’s sins, not just Christians.

    • They didn’t deny anyone healthcare. They said they aren’t going to pay for one class of items, which is often elective.
      BTW, Christ redeems those who believe in Him. Christ’s sacrifice isn’t redemptive for non-Christians. You said, twice, that Christ died for the sins of non-Christians as if that were obvious. It is obviously wrong.

      • While I don’t disagree, Christ did die for all of our sins. However it’s a gift most people ignore, condemn, and demonize, then act offended for not receiving it.

    • Jesus taught that HE was the great physician. he does not charge for his insurance, it is free to WHOSOEVER will partake of it. but even though he is king, he will not mandate, but will always give you a free choice.

        • When we accept Jesus as our savior we become the child of God. Did you ever get in trouble with your parent? A loving parent will correct and chastise but never “hurt” their child. God will chastise us to help us learn right from wrong like our earthly parent. If you did not have a loving parent then I feel so sorry for you and I know there are parents out there that were not. So sad.

          • Who killed Jesus? Answer: GOD killed Jesus. His Father KILLED him…Isnt he loving?

          • God did NOT kill Jesus. and…yes, He is loving. The reason Jesus died is because we WERE and ARE loved and only Jesus had what it took to pay as a substitute for us. Read the story…and understand the tremendous price that was paid for us.

    • They are trying to stand up for their beliefs, yes i am sure they have many emloyees who do not share their same beliefs, but if hobby lobby doesnt stand up, who will? Are you saying regardless of what one belives we ar not allowed to take a stand for our own standards? That is all they are doing and as sad as t would be for them to go out of business due to this, i love hobby lobby, it will had made a big statement. By turning their cheeks for something they so strongly believe in, what is going to be the future cause and affects of it? By offering an abortion drug…and at the tax payers expense, it is encouraging in the teenagers eyes to be permiscuis and have more teenage births and yet even more on welfafe…when is the cylcle going to stop? Sadly i belive it is only the second coming of our lord that will end it….its going to get much worse and i am sacred for my children and futre grandchild….im glad they are taking a stand they are being examples of one not affraid to believe in what they choose!

    • You’re truly a moron! Based on your logic, I, with malice and forethought, can come beat your ass to death, and be forgiven. And do it with your permission…what time should I be there?

    • If you need this as a benefit, then go to work somewhere that offers it, if you do not support this then do not shop there. Very simple plan.

    • Perhaps you should review the doctrine of two kingdoms as explained by Martin Luther. You might then understand the decision made by Hobby Lobby management. If you truly have the courage of your convictions, why do you hide behind a screen name? Just playing at tempter; perhaps doing Satan’s work and well aware of it?

      “Jesus turned and said to Peter, ‘Get behind me, Satan! You are a
      stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the things of God, but
      the things of men.'” -Matthew 16:23

    • I don’t get it!! If you don’t believe in the Greens christian values…Your obviously NOT a christian. If your NOT a christian…. You stated that “Jesus died for everyone’s sins…Not just christians.” If you don’t believe in Jesus…How can you state that he died for ANYBODY?? Sounds like an oxyMORON to me.

      • When Jesus died for everyone’s sins that WAS for everyone! For those who believe and call on his name will be saved, though never perfect, they are forgiven – becoming CHRIST Like takes a lifetime and we still don’t get everything right – but it is in the believing and trying that counts. He died for the sinner but if the sinner doesn’t want him that doesn’t change the fact that He still died for them. Because he died for everyone, those who believe-being Christians WILL BE SAVED. Those who do not care for HIM can die lost and regret it for all eternity – we are all created as FREE MORAL agents and can choose to believe and accept or reject and refuse the act of HIM dying for our wrong doing – whose morals and principals are similarly found across the board in many religions. If you live be good moral standards you have a growing society verses and ill-willed rebellious nation – step outside and take a look around, sit in the house and watch the news, you judge for yourself what kind of a society the world as a whole represents and you will find MOST times that people lack morals, and treat each other like they have no respect for others. Jesus proves a peace because HE is the Prince of Peace and whether people like it our not this nation WAS and IS and WILL ALWAYS BE founded IN GOD WE TRUST! Go to someone anyone who will and does TRY to live a good “Christian life” if you know of anybody – I take it from what I read you must not have anyone to shed some light on the subject for you – So, I will be praying for you – If I didn’t care I would have passed this up. But you sound like a person who has a misunderstanding of what Christianity is – it is okay to ask questions when you don’t know something as long as it is conducted in a respectful way. You don’t need to sound condescending, because when one speak of high things – [GOD] -One should know what they are talking about before entering the conversation. GOD’S speed I bid to you and have a good life no matter whether you chose GOD or not. I hope to see you in the hereafter – but should your decision with GOD result in never meeting. You can not see you where not told. GOD BLESS YOU IN THIS LIFE ANYWAY is my pray – I am free to do so because GOD cause the rain to fall on the just and the unjust.


        Sincerely Concerned For You

        • P.S. If you would like to know more about Christianity look up FFCM faith Group on Facebook and start with PODCAST # 1 at the bottom (i believe) – try it and see if you can walk it without ever making any mistakes

    • from what I understand, they have a very good insurance policy for their employees, better than many others, they just do not include abortion and the meds that will cause abortions.

    • Who said people need health insurance? The government? When did personal responsibility become public liability and when did the republic become an authoritarian nanny state?

      • And what happens now, Don, when someone without insurance has a heart attack? Who pays? Your philosophical beliefs defy the reality. Visit an emergency room in a city and see how many people are tying up a high-cost system for low-grade ailments such as colds and the flu.

      • When Obama became president and is making our country a communist country wake up look around,.. This government is to be by the people for the people what happened here??????

    • Just Sayin, (you really don’t know what you are sayin) Hobby Lobby is doing nothing wrong. They are not denying health care to their employees, go and speak to their employees, they are some of the happiest folks around. They also include a very diverse group of people, including “many” who do not share in the beliefs that the owners do, including Homosexuals and other non-christians. They are just as happy as the folks who do agree with their beliefs. The government is simply and plainly WRONG. They are forcing this company to go against the owners religious beliefs, which ARE protected in our Constitution. The same Constitution that gives you the right to state your opinion on here too. Jesus dying for our sins has nothing to do with a government that breaks it’s own laws to enforce it’s “belief” system on the rest of us. Wake up and smell the coffee, how long until the government creates a law that makes you do something you don’t believe in? not long I’ll tell you that. and no one will be here to help you since all of the folks that are brave enough to stand up now will get run over first.

    • God givith life and in the bible it says though shall not kill taking a babies life is murder plain and simple… Thank you Hobby Lobby I will shop there.. Just like we have to give health care to the people who are too lazy to work.. many who have been on welfare and are able to work.. So sick of the Obama Care already…

    • Abortion-causing drugs are not medicine, nor is it health care. So why should health insurers be required to carry coverage for a drug whose sole purpose is to kill babies? I thought healthcare was about saving, not taking lives! Also, these abortifacients are harmful to the mother’s health. It is a Class I carcinogen, like asbestos, to the mom. A lethal carcinogen is required to be covered by health insurance? This defies logic and common sense!

        • It says right on the package label,… works in one of three ways and the third way is preventing implantation in the uterine lining of the newly conceived child, if ovulation has occurred. It does not always prevent ovulation!!!!!! So conception can occur and then the baby dies because the uterine lining is inhospitable. Yes, let’s educate ourselves!

          • So you’ve used it before? Since you have a package label handy. This is from a Princeton website. You know, a higher-educational facility. It’s not the bible, so you won’t believe it anyway: http://ec.princeton.edu/questions/ecabt.html

            If a fertilized egg is a baby, why don’t they issue a death certificate for miscarriages? SCIENCE ROCKS.

          • No, I have never used it, but I found an empty package outside of Planned Parenthood. Apparently, Planned Parenthood is more aware of the science than Princeton.Yes, and the reference you cite says that the morning after pill has been found to thin the uterine lining, thus enabling the rejection of the newly conceived human being, if ovulation does occur! Also, in the paper, pregnancy is falsely defined as implantation, not fertilization. Just redefine words to fit your false view of reality. The truth is that a human being is created at fertilization.

          • Also, there is scientifically no such thing as a ‘fertilized egg’. There is a blastocyst and then a zygote and then an embryo, then a fetus, then an infant, then a toddler, then a youth, then a young adult, then an adult, then a senior, then an elderly person…
            One reason no death certificate is issued for miscarried babies is that the remains are not always able to be found.

    • Where is the tolerance of forcing people into a health care plan and making them pay for things like abortions that go against their beliefs? It’s sad that you have such a hypocritical view and have been brainwashed by the liberals.

      • If a hobby lobby employee doesn’t believe in taking birth control, they don’t have to. Pretty simple concept.

        • If whatever happens in the bedroom is nobody’s business, why, then am I being forced to pay the consequences? If you want to drop your pants then YOU should pay for it. Not me. Not Hobby Lobby. Not Taxpayers. Sex is not a medical treatment. You people treat it as a reacreational activity, so you should pay for it as such. The government isn’t going to give me a tax deductible when I go buy a new bike.

          • I would assume that you also feel you shouldn’t pay for others’ cancer treatments if they smoke, or heart disease when they eat too much and don’t exercise. But birth control pills are a medical treatment for many people. My answer to you: single payer system.

          • Frankly… no, I shouldn’t. You knew what you were getting into. You knew the consequences of your life decisions. Why should I have to pay for that? But of course, these things aren’t equal. Your examples involve the likelyhood of someone actually dying. Pregnancy, in the vast majority of cases, is not a real danger to the mother, otherwise we would have died out as a species long ago. What it means is a change in the way you live your life. Heaven forbid you have to grow up a little. You know… because… consequences, and all. But good grief! The mother shouldn’t have to live with those! Consequences are for the stupid! Then again, perhaps abortion SHOULD be supported if it means children don’t have to grow up with dead-beat parents who can’t control their innate urges for more than a few hours at a time. Of course, there’s also the fact that Cancer treatments and Heart disease are thousand dollar treatments. Birth control is a buck fifty a pop, at the most. Go buy your own damn kill-pill. And frankly, if a single payer system means people own up a bit more and knock it off with this #YOLO crap as an excuse to do stupid things, then I am ALL for it.

          • Why do people assume that only irresponsible people need birth control? What about those who are married but choosing to do the responsible thing by waiting until we can afford to support the children we create? Or possibly all of the women with life altering pain that birth control treats.

    • First of all, they have not denied them healthcare. Healthcare is the actual act of being treated at the hospital, not the insurance used to pay for it. Don’t confuse the two like everyone seems to do. Second, not paying for SOMEONE ELSE’S birth control is not denying them healthcare. That’s like telling someone you won’t pay for their drug addiction. If you want to go have sex, have fun but I’m not paying for your condoms or pills thank you very much. Also, all they are saying is they won’t ADD the abortions and birth control on, they are not refusing the employees health insurance. Lastly, tolerating morons and evil people is very different from bowing to them.

    • But only Christians are going to heaven and care about following God’s will. Even though Jesus died for everyone’s sins, it doesnt mean everyone is going to heaven. Dont get that confused. Part of the teachings of Jesus was tolerance, but, there was also the teachings of serventhood which most people refuse to do. The teachings on tolerance werent just a one way directive, so nice try trying to use that against Christians, that directive was meant for eveyrone, so you and everyone else should be held accountable to that teaching also, including the clowns in D.C. If these people want to have healthcare I suppose they should go find another job. It has nothing to do with discrimination, it has everything to do with your personal belief system. Even if Playboy magazine offered me $1 million dollars per year to take Hugh Hefners place, there is no way on God’s green earth I would take that job because my beliefs dont align with theirs. So, using the example you used that it was discrimination is bogus. If your core beliefs dont align with your employers and it effects you personally, then I guess you shouldnt work there.

  10. I thought this was supposed to be a free country! If that’s is the way a person chooses to run their privately owned business then it’s should be their choice! Christians everywhere should come out in droves to support Hobby Lobby!

    • I agree and this is supposed to be a free country and for this bunch of idiots we have to call our elected officials to make a decision for the citizens to have to have this Obama care run by his mob and they will decide what surgery or service we can have and can’t have. This is not fair and I will trade and any Hobby Lobby store I find and I think it is great that they are standing for what they believe knowing the Obama bunch will fine them and what a crock. Honest people running a business and they can get fined if they don’t comply
      Our government is run by a bunch of liars and crooks who get elected and they think they are in office for life. They earn thousands of dollars they don’t work for, they get thousands of dollars in perks they don’t deserve and most of them are so old the only thing they qualify for is finding a nursing home for them to go to in retirement. Nancy P, Harry R and so many more of them..

  11. Thank you for standing up for your beliefs and standing up for the rights of our unborn babies. May God put his hand of protection over you and protect you from an administration bent on self perpetuation and the distruction of the US as a democracy. I suggest the reading of Agenda 21 by Glenn Beck. A scary look at where we could end up if we do not stand up for our constitutional rights. They are so determined to destroy the Christian faith and our democracy founded on that faith.

  12. Why are rights on in effect for non Christians. It is time we stood up and fight for the principals this country was founded on.

  13. Something I don’t get: How is Hobby Lobby affected by this? I can understand their insurance being affected, but not the stores directly. Not only that, but there are rare cases where Mom’s have to choose between their own lives, or the lives of their babies due to health concerns (I mean the mom might die while having the baby, so they have to choose one)…in which case, both choices mean the death of someone. Who is to say which one is right to be killed? Other than that, I don’t agree with abortions either…;but Hobby Lobby (a failing business anyways) needs to comply with the laws. Even Jesus said something about complying with the laws, but don’t support them. In this case, its how the drugs are used, and not the drugs themselves that make this a tough decision.

    • Not to mention, you would think Christians would want children born to women who are ready for them and who truly want them. Birth control is the realistic, modern remedy for unwanted/unplanned pregnancies. … and it prevents the need for an abortion.

    • James, I live in Oklahoma City, the headquarters of Hobby Lobby. I am connected with the Steve Green family, David Green’s son, and President of Hobby Lobby. The Green family is part of our church family. They are faithful and we love them dearly. They don’t flaunt their money or position in society. They are very ordinary people and yet they have helped spread the Gospel of Christ all over the world. They are wonderful people. I taught two of their children in the Christian school they attended. I can tell you from first hand knowledge that Hobby Lobby is NOT a failing business as it has been blessed by God.

  14. As Christians we are also asked by God to follow the laws of the land and governing body. This is a dilemma most definitely.

  15. Never would have thought there would be a day in America when these sick power hungry fools think they have some kind of authority to control every aspect of our lives, but we will remember their names, and so will history, as when the domestic terrorists tried to take over America !!!!!

  16. I see most people have missed the FACT that the morning-after pill is NOT THE ABORTION PILL. I swear, all media have repeated this lie so many times that you sheeple believe it.

  17. I am glad to see a big company FINALLY standing up for and sticking with their faith. Does the :powers that be” not realize that even on the issued money, it states “IN GOD WE TRUST”? This nation was built on belief and As the good book says,…” Deny me in front of others and I will deny you to my Father” (VERY loosely translated,…lol)

  18. Many of the comments that follow this article are somewhat scary.
    There are too many crazy, paranoid people out there who make up their own reality.
    I love when “facts” are posted that are based on complete fiction.
    Why do people hate facts and education so very much?

    And, btw, I realize that the majority of people in the USA opt
    out of our free education offered by the government, BUT, the Bible is NOT a
    peer reviewed primary source and/or a valid secondary research source! You
    cannot throw out one Bible quote after another in an argument and expect that
    you are making a legitimate point. If you want to hold a certain view and fight
    a point, especially in our theoretically religiously free government, you
    better do some real research and find some laws to back you up! Good Lord 😉

  19. Way to stick it to the man, Hobby Lobby! The Gov has no right to force private companies to provide Gov funded health care! It’s absolutely un-American and a breach of our constitutional rights! Not to mention, the apparent religious implications when it comes to abortion. Private companies should have the right to choose what health care they provide. No more big Gov!

  20. Being a quilter, I don’t think fabric and politics go together. I have always had insurance, I have never needed an abortion (I am pro-choice though), but I sure did use birth control so we didn’t end up with a bunch of kids we couldn’t support. I never much liked Hobby Lobby to begin with, so it’s no loss to me to not shop there. I consider myself an agnostic, and every time I start thinking I could maybe start going to church to learn more, some of you bible toting zealots talk all hateful and uncaring and then my resolve goes out the window. I would rather search for my own beliefs than join anything that feels the way you people do. Maybe tone it down a little. It’s a freakin craft store.

  21. I believe that the government should be forced into Obama Care as well. The congress, senate and president should have to live with any law they pass. Why should they be exempt? I also thing they get way too much in pay and perks. Let the states by an apartment house and the elected officials can live there at the state’s expense and cut their pay. Our President should have a limited budget on what they can spend for their help and for their vacations.

  22. This company is violating the 1st Amendment, free of religion(s) apply to individual not a business or a company. The employees should sues Hobby Lobby for violating their Constitution right,

  23. Hobby Lobby, I shop at your store ALL THE TIME !!! God be with you and your families forever. I will pray ardently for you.

  24. Probably 50 percent of the people don’t like Obamacare, but it takes someone like the Greens to take a stand. Too bad we didn’t get the guy who was going to undo Obamacare!

  25. I support your stand Hobby Lobby. I resent that the government is forcing us into this healthcare plan. It is going to break the back of our economy and our freedom. I agree that government workers, especially in Washington D.C. should be on the same program. If it’s so good, then they should all be on it as well!

  26. Thank you Hobby Lobby for taking a stand. Since Obamacare my premiums have gone up and my copay has gone up. God will reward you!!!

  27. Religion is like a penis. It’s fine to have one and it’s fine to be proud of it, but please don’t whip it out in public and start waving it around… and PLEASE don’t try to shove it down my child’s throat.

  28. God help the Green family in this fight against tyranny! I hope and pray God puts a mark on every satanic liberal that supports this stance against Christians. It is time to take our country back people. The take over of America is just around the corner! If we loose our right to keep and bear arms, then the rest of our rights will soon be done away with! It is time to stand up for something if you are a true Christian. David took up arms against Goliath because he defied God and Gods laws!

  29. Hobby Lobby is not a church, it’s a business subject to federal and state law. If Hobby Lobby decided it was going to follow sharia law or the tenets of Buddhism, would you be as supportive?

  30. I Agree with hobby lobby 100% I wouldn’t support birth control ether it’s a from of murder same as oborsion

  31. I am not sure, but I bet the CPA’s at Hobby Lobby are smarter than everyone is giving them credit for. To them the decision is not “insurance” or “fines.” Their out of the box thinking will probably lead them to classify all their employees as part time. That way they don’t have to provide any insurance or pay the fine.

  32. Yep free country means being able to force your religious beliefs on your employees. I hope you go bankrupt Hobby Lobby.

  33. I am so proud of Hobby Lobby for sticking to their beliefs. America needs more people like the Green’s. God Bless You.

  34. Thumbs up to Hobby Lobby, I am glad to see that they are standing their ground, don’t know how they will afford it, but they are not giving in and I raise my hand to them, Obama has done nothing except for make it harder for those of us that are already struggling to make a living and now we have to worry about yet another bill that we cannot afford, it is unconstitutional, I made the choice to pay the doctor when I have to go, because I very rarely have to go to the doctor I would much rather pay the 75 dollar office visit and pay for any medicine once or twice a year then to pay 300 to 400 a month for health insurance that I will not use, I do not believe in abortion unless it is due to the act of rape, and no one should be made to have to offer those drugs in their health care plan if they do not want to, we have rights for gods sake, we do not live behind an IRON wall

  35. I had stopped shopping at Hobby Lobby because everything they sell almost comes from China. Well the Federal Governments over reach into things they should have nothing to say about has put them back on my places to shop. They are walking on these peoples personal freedoms.

  36. A free Country? Not unless we fight hard to keep it. Obama and his minions are working hard at their plan to sink this Country. He does not believe in any American values, he does not believe in the right to life, he as President has been busy killing the American marriage. As far as his abortion push in this Country of America, women are learning that abortion is not a women’s health issue – to stay away from abortions and contraceptive will make women strong and healthy. So many women that are working for Obama on abortions Pelosi, Sebelius,(not sure if thats how her name is spelled) Boxer, Feinstein – and others who push girls from the age of puberty on up into abortions SHAME ON YOU. Hobby Lobby, I pray that there will be other business that will stand with you. God bless America and our Religious freedoms.

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