Top 10: Crazy Hangover Cures For 2013

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There’s a reason New Year’s Day is a holiday — it’s so everyone can stay underneath their covers all day long and watch “Law & Order” reruns.

Why? There is probably a pretty good chance that you will go out out on New Year’s Eve and drink alcohol. A lot of alcohol. And you will most likely have a hangover the next day.

But if curling up in the fetal position doesn’t cut it, there are some insane hangover cures out there. From drinking pickle juice, getting buried in the sand and eating a deep-fried canary, here are the 10 craziest hangover cures to try on New Year’s Day if you are really feeling the pain. (Or you can just stick with The Daily Caller’s tried-and-true hangover remedy of eating a cheeseburger and drinking a ton of Gatorade.)

Jar of Pickles

In Poland, people drink pickle juice to feel better the day after drinking. This is actually not nearly as disgusting as many of the other purported cures on this list.


lemonA preventative hangover method from Puerto Rico is weird, but not exactly disgusting: Rub lemon slices under your armpits before drinking and you won’t feel a thing the next day.

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