Best Of “Frisky” Biden’s Swearing-In Comments

Best Of “Frisky” Biden’s Swearing-In Comments

Via: The Daily Caller

Via: The Daily Caller

WASHINGTON — Vice President Joe Biden was in rare form Thursday morning as he held a mock swearing-in session for the senators of the 113th Congress. In case you missed this hour of must-see TV, we’ve recapped Biden’s best comments.

1) “Spread your legs — your going to be frisked,” Biden said to North Dakota newest senator, Democratic Heidi Heitkamp, and her family, after the photographer suggested they “drop your hands to the side.”

“You say that to somebody from North Dakota, they think it’s a frisk,” Biden told the photographer.

2) “If you ever need any help on your pecs, let me know,” the Vice President told one member of newly-sworn-in South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott’s family, a big man who Biden said looked like he still played football. Biden then proceeded to whip out his cell phone and show the family photos.

3) “You’ve got beautiful eyes, mom,” Biden told Nebraska Sen. Deb Fischer’s mom, whom he flirted with throughout the mock-swearing in and the photograph. For her part, Fischer’s mom looked totally charmed.


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  • Virginia Martin

    Being a bit too familiar I think.

  • April

    Meet the Vice President of the United States of America

  • Sandi

    He is unreal. Says the darndest things, like a kid.

  • Utahlady

    Class Joe,it is called class ,that personality trait that seems to elude you.

  • Randi Reiter

    Just being a dirty old man, which is not good if you vice pres,

  • Frances Lee Lane

    He has no class at all

  • BlueViolets

    I fear he my walk away from me with a nice bright red hand mark on his cheek. That is if he could straighten up from where my knee had just been.

  • jjk

    Biden is a national embarrassment. I can’t believe this writer, Alexis Levinson, described Biden as being “in rare form.” Shame on you, Alexis. I can’t believe this man is only a heartbeat from the presidency. It’s difficult to know who is worse, Biden or obama.

  • Darlene

    Can you imagine what would happen if even 1 Republican said anything like ths? The press would demand an apoligy and ask him or her to resign and it would be on every newspaper and tv show. He certainly showed no respect at all!

  • ladydi

    Perverts always think it’s funny when they joke and flirt with others. It’s one of the signs of a molester!

  • Maralind Krejci

    Yeah…he fits in really great with CNN and the people they have on there.

    • SallyR

      At least CNN doesn’t carry Glen Beck!

      • MoonMullens

        Thank goodness he thinks enough of himself and who he is not to lower himself to the level of CNN. When GB was on Fox, I learned about our American History and how we drifted so far away from who we were supposed to be. His tenacity to learn the “truth” was what the Liberals couldn’t stand about him. EVERY TIME HE WOULD EXPOSE THE GOOD PLACE OUR COUNTRY SHOULD BE – HE WOULD EXPOSE THOSE WHO WERE RESPONSIBLE AND WHO BROUGHT US TO OUR COUNTRY’S DEMISE AND WHERE WE SHOULDN’T BE.

  • Kim Olson

    Oh come on! it was a MOCK swearing in– a rehearsal. His heart is pure, Joe is wonderful! You read into it the way YOUR mind works, not his.He has class all right–Middle Class!!

    • Kim Couch

      Kim Olsen.. I don’t care if it was mock or not his comments are obscene .Telling a woman to “spread em” please he’s an embarrassment .And you know it I wonder if any man other than this clown has said to you would you be so forgiving? no you file charges if it was you co worker or your boss You’d make a big stink about it. He shows what he is gutter trash in an Italian suit. Just like his “boss’ is both are ignorant and has the brains of gutter trash .

    • Laverne

      Biden is a total embarrassment and pathetic excuse for a VP. Shows zero class, respect and usually makes a fool and ass of himself. The Senator should have told Biden to spread his legs and then give Joe Baby a swift kick.

  • JustMe

    He needs a good smack in the face almost every time he opens his mouth!

  • Linda Bullard

    Women when did it become ok for a pig to make these kind of remarks. I am disgusted to see what women are becoming. Is this why many good women fought for our rights? Men degrading you is not charming it is disgusting,

  • Sweets

    And they say he Republicans have a “war on women”. He is just rude and why these people put up with it is beyond me!

  • hopeful4tomorrow

    This comment was inappropriate and clearly shows Biden’s true “sleezy” character. It is also sexual harrassment and I would have told him that to his face and asked for an immediate apology. Biden is a fruit cake.

  • Kim Couch

    When I heard his comments on “hannity”last night I wasn’t surprised but the “spread your legs” is disgusting and down right obscene. I’m surprised this woman didn’t call him out . I would have Vice President or not ,what a disgusting old pig he is . And they say he’s a nice guy? B.S. he’s acts more like a ignorant buffoon then a Vice President. One of these women will say something to him and then “will feel the sharp kick in the balls which he absolutely needs.He’s a total disgrace to the United States and to the male race. He joins the blithering lying cold blooded murdering traitor in the “Stink House”.

  • Kimberly Cote

    Ahhh…HELLOOOOO??? Clinton???? And …..John Kerry has had his free roving hands on nearly every woman in Boston!!!! See a pattern here?????

  • Rebecca

    The reason he is vice president-is ANYONE going to pray for something to happen to Obama with this man next in line?