GOP Civil War Over Sandy: Christie V. Boehner

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New York (CNN) — The battle over relief funding for areas devastated by Superstorm Sandy should leave no doubt about whether there is a war within the Republican Party over the fundamentals of taxation and spending.

On one side are old-school pols who are committed to reducing government deficits but willing to engage in traditional horse-trading with their big-spending liberal colleagues — and to support items such as relief for disasters, which can strike any region of the country at any time.

On the other side are dyed-in-the-wool budget radicals, who believe government spending must be curtailed, deeply and immediately. They are perfectly comfortable slicing, delaying or crippling normally sacrosanct programs, including disaster relief.

The two sides are engaged in an old-fashioned power struggle, with Speaker of the House John Boehner as the man in the middle, trying to keep a lid on the battle. The factional fighting delayed and nearly destroyed the fiscal cliff negotiations, with Boehner unable to persuade most of his Republican members to vote for a compromise bill that kept taxes from increasing for nearly all Americans.

Trying to get a vote on hurricane relief the same night proved to be a bridge too far. Boehner, struggling to keep his divided caucus in line — and facing a critical vote to renew his speakership — decided to kill the aid bill.


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  1. As a long time resident of that little state we are devestated by the disaster it suffered. We are outraged that after going for the CHEAP PHOTO OPS Obama has walked away smiling. Imagine what the 7 million dollar cost of his 2 roundtrips to Hawaii might have done for those shivering in a NE winter without housing!
    Christie sold his soul for empty promises. He praised and hugged the Devil for all Americans to see. Just days before the election he was seen begging The False Messiah for aide. Perhaps, in the name of what he though of as political expediency he thought his actions right and required! I thought them self serving and demeanining!

      • I’ve said it before, let every bill stand on its own merits. No pork or special deals. Vote yes or no on the specific bill. But Congress and the President will never give up the waste and pork funded by OUR tax dollars. Write to your congressman and tell him to introduce a bill to mandate that every spending bill must stand on its own merits – no pork and no deals.

  2. What does money for Alaskan fisheries and Head Start have to do with aid to the hurricane victims? When they write a REAL bill that is used for WHAT IT IS INTENDED for, then lets see Congress vote on that!

  3. Cut out the pork for special interests and give it to the victims of Sandy. Christie and Cuomo should be outraged that the senate wants to give money to groups that have nothing to do with the storm. We should vote them all out of office.

    • If the New Yorkers got rid of Cuomo and Bloomberg both, the entire state would be to the good! Both of those jerks would gladly throw New York to the wolves, just to save their own skins!
      Apologies to the real wolves of the woods!

    • We had the chance and nobody wanted to finish the job. I still don’t understand how the people re-elected this bunch of scum.

  4. I do,because it is laden with “pork”. Chris Christie, whom I used to like, is getting pretty irritating. Yes I want to help my neighbors in trouble,but not reroof the Smithsonian and some of the crap that is in this bill.They just passed one to keep us from going over the “fiscal cliff” that is also a bit meaty.
    Any elected official who did not want to give federal aid to these storm ravaged folks in need should be beaten,but nothing else but should be in this bill. Period.

  5. It is a good thing that 51% of the voters can not vote for Obama again isn’t it Northeasterners! One of the reasons that Texas succeeded from the union in 1861 was because the federal government was not protecting our borders from Mexico and the Indians! We fixed it ourselves. Guess what? We are still have are not getting much Federal assistance for border protection. When Hurricane Ike hit us we knew not to wait on the Feds.We fixed it ourselves. When wildfires hit our high plains this past year we got no help from the Feds. We fixed it ourselves. So take it for what it is worth. “If you are going to cry then go get in the pick up or If you are going to help then cowboy up!”

  6. I agree that the victims of Sandy need help and should have already had it (no thanks to BO). I have to ask though, who’s idea was it in the first place to add all that useless pork in the bill? No one in Washington should be able to sneak in pork into a disaster relief bill! Have they no morals, no feelings for the victims? Find out who started this mess and fire them~ We don’t need this kind of person in government.

  7. Yes. Again the Republicans have to find some ways to get out the real info like all the pork in the bill to the voters who aren’t paying attention to anything other than Obama sound bites. They have to start shaping the dialogue instead of Obama getting to speak with a forked tongue and then trying to react to it. They need to get their act together and play the game better.

  8. I am disappointed in this writer’s opinion. The reason the bill was not passed quickly is because it was loaded with pork unrelated to Sandy. And why–60 days after Sandy–is there now a bill? Where was the bill 60 days ago? obama promised to cut the red tape when he went there for his photo-op. What a lying cretin he is!

  9. Hurricane Sandy should send us a huge message: that we cannot count on the federal government to help us during a disaster. I hate to think how the government would handle a crisis like our electrical grid shutting down.

  10. I applaud Boehner, and abhor Christie. At least Boehner is looking out for all of the taxpayers, by stopping a bill that was filled with pork. Christie is just upset because he opened his arms wide to Obama and now has egg on his face, because he believed all the lies and used them to try to promote his own political popularity. When someone actually steps up to do the right thing, he starts calling names. He needs to be angry at the persons responsible for filling the bill full of pork.

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