Should Veterans Get The Same Treatment As Common Criminals?

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Veterans Treatment CourtsOur veterans of war have sacrificed, fought and often bled for our freedoms and for our constitutional rights.

Sadly, some veterans who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) are being arrested for various crimes. See more here.

According to one study, half of all Vietnam Veterans with PTSD have been arrested at least once and the number of returning veterans of recent OIF/OEF conflicts who have committed crimes at least once since returning from home is reported to be approximately 10%.

Some psychologists argue that we can’t entirely blame criminal behavior upon PTSD and that war time stress cannot be enough of a defense for murder.

But many contend serving this nation in the military is anything but common, so veterans should not be treated the same as common criminals.

Increasingly, it is recommended that criminal veteran actions post-war be addressed separately by the courts “veterans courts”.

More and more states are implementing such veterans courts.

Even my own county recently announced intentions to establish such a court.

Furthermore, the National Veterans Foundation has underwritten the publication of a manual to instruct attorneys as to how to best defend veterans in court.

Do you believe those who put their lives on the line to defend our laws have earned special consideration if those same laws are violated?

Do you believe veterans deserve separate veterans court, factoring in specific treatment plans for PTSD, TBI vs. incarceration?

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  1. What about the victims of the crimes? Let’s not forget them. While I sympathize with our veterans, the real problem for most of them is that we have a president who has repeatedly deployed the same troops over and over again. Let’s hold HIM responsible for the PTSD.

  2. All veterans need PTSD treatment, far too many are comitting suicide or assault from instant rage. I believe most victims are spouses who should recognize the symptoms if taught to. We have had far too many veterans die just because PTSD was unknown in WW1,WW11 & Korea. Now that it can be treated I think veterans above all in our country deserve consideration for laying down their lives everyday, its impossible to vision what they have been through. as a veteran I thought I was just crazy for deades with instant rage, depression & suicidel tendencies until my symptoms were recognized by a military Dr. now with the help I’ve received from the VA I can function near normaly but it takes constant work.

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