• gwedem5995

    It is kind of hard to do with all the liberals running around making things even worse. And people glorifiying someone like the California shooter.

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  • sddonlon

    I enjoyed your article, and also Basil the Rat. Have you ever seen Simon’s Cat? Also on youtube and also a big laugh!

    • Carolyn Henderson

      Sddonion: I’m so glad that you liked Basil the Rat — everytime I see it I laugh as if I have never seen it before. I will look up Simon’s Cat — I love cats!

  • Martina Hambrecht

    I was a victim of bad Breastcancer with amputation and many other bead things, but my way is also, never stop laughing and stand up over and over again!

    • Carolyn Henderson

      Martina, you are an inspiration. I admire — and do my best to emulate — the brave people who stand up, over and over again. Thank you for reading and commenting.

      • Martina Hambrecht

        Dear Carolyn, thank you for this compliment to me and iam happy, if i can a inspiration for other involved women too. I know, it is not easy be brave after Breastcancer or if amputation was been also, but I think , a lost breast is not so terrible, many other things are more terrible and we will still be a attractive wom,en,no matter, with one or 2 breasts :) If you or other women like to talk with me too, so its possible to write me in Facebook also or to tinamedi2@yahoo.de. God protect you all! Dear greetings from germany Martina

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