Don’t Follow VP Advice, You Could Get Arrested [Video]

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I’m assuming you know better than to follow Joe Biden’s advice on pretty much anything. But in this case, it doesn’t hurt to examine why not.

The other day, Biden — who is actually the Vice President of the United States of America — told you to do this:

Following his advice is a very bad idea, as Bob Owens explains:

Biden doesn’t define what constitutes a “problem” to him, but the laws of each state, while they vary from one to another, generally only allow the use of a firearm to defend human life. Further, the threat must satisfy a test where a reasonable person would find the threat to be both life-threatening and immediate.

  1. person defending themselves must be a “reasonable person”
  2. the threat has to be life-threatening
  3. the threat has to be immediate

…But that isn’t at all the situation that Vice President Biden describes when he proscribes the double-barrel discharge of a lethal weapon.

He’s describing a situation where there is no immediate threat, nor a life-threatening event…

Time and time and time again, homeowners have been arrested tried, and convicted of felonies for doing precisely what the Vice President advises.

You should read the whole thing, because Bob backs this up with facts and evidence and other stuff Democrats don’t like.

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Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, Nicholas Erwin