SNL Mocks Obama [Video]

SNL Mocks Obama [Video]


The writers at SNL finally woke up and realized how easy it is to write humorous sketches about our current president.

What was your favorite part?

  • gwedem5995

    Wow, O is losing his mojo when even SNL mocks him.

    • Susan Brusco

      He surly will be finally seen as the danger he is. Lets all hope for that.

  • Carla Romesburg Anderson

    The comment made about us forgetting about this current problem because it will be worse the next time is priceless!!!! Thanks SNL, for this skit!!

  • Dec25Kid

    I loved the part about Ikea and Taco Bell taking the horses coupled with the bit about the federal food inspections being cut back. That was almost as good as the YMCA part at the end. I liked the skit and it shows that Obama is producing material for the show faster than they can assimilate it, of course.

  • M J R

    See, mainstreamers? You can do it. This incumbent, who is so eminently mockable, can be mocked (yes!) without it being raaaacist, or lending aid and comfort to those eeeeevil righties. See? You can do it. Let’s have a little more — you have SO much catching up to do.

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  • disqus_XtQNw8GfLo

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Finally! Very funny SNL!! Cracked me up..and man, He is good!! He had him down perfect!!!

  • Linda Creech

    funny, but it is the truth. I’m really surprised Obama wasn’t the one up there doing the skit. That is all he is worth doing. Entertaining.

    • Susan Brusco

      His entertainment is like watching a horror movie.

  • Susan Brusco

    This guy is much better looking than Obama, no Alfred E Newman big ears either. I agree with Carla R A. priceless.

  • Voncile Stone

    Funny and right on point…Good job SNL…….go for it.

  • JOAN

    How about doing one on Michelle and her outfits….