GOP Hits WH for Cutting Military Pay Instead of Robotic Squirrels

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This video is presented for your information only, to inform you of what the political arm of Republicans in Congress is saying about Barack Obama and the sequester.


  1. Better late than never. GOP finally exposes the hipocracy of Democrats cutting to hurt people and leaving wasteful spending alone. They still have not said enough about the “cuts” being on REDUCING INCREASED SPENDING, NOT what is currently being spent. Freeze spending at current level, and the problem is solved! NO CUTS of programs or people or military operations! Need to allow for inflation in Medicare and Medicaid? There is plenty of money in what Congress has allocated, and still reduce overall spending increases. Social Security freeze for a year? Why not? My retirement pension has been frozen for the past several years, and I am paying 50% more for my medical premiums. What about cutting the hundreds of thousands of additional government employees Obama hired in the first four years? Most of those were political payoffs!

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