Rep. King: CPAC’s Christie Snub Could Be GOP Suicide [Video]

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The decision not to invite New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to the Conservative Political Action Conference undermines the annual event’s credibility, a New York Republican lawmaker said on Friday.

“That’s a suicidal death wish,” U.S. Rep. Peter King said on CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.”

Al Cardenas, chairman of the group which runs CPAC, said he did not invite Christie back to the event this year because the governor had not held conservative positions in recent months.

Specifically, he said on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront,” because of the $60 billion Superstorm Sandy relief bill he supported and a temporary, federally funded expansion of Medicaid in New Jersey.

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  1. I must agree with Peter King on this. Even though Christie appears to have moved left, he has done so for his constituents and enjoys a 70% approval rating. Dr. Ben Carson, when asked about Christie, said that Christie should be invited because we need to make the “republican tent” larger.

  2. No, not at all. It’s time to weed out all RINOs. If the GOP folds, so be it. Then a Conservative can run as an Independent. Independents now outnumber either Republicans or Democrats.

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