When To Wear Your Wonder Woman Knickers


Imagine you are mad busy, and looming up in the not too distant is a large project that you know is going to take up another huge chunk of your time, time that you simply haven’t got. How are you going to be able to take it on as well as do the rest of your already close to being overstretched role?

This happens to me each year for a period of 6 weeks during the autumn months and every year I wonder how on earth I am going to get through it and do the extra project on top of my regular work, but every year, it works out just fine.

My main job is being an international speaker, author and trainer so I travel a reasonable amount and can also have large periods of time where I am simply writing. Then there is the added role of exporting figs to LA from our orchard here in New Zealand, that “little” extra project I have to find time for.

The project, which really is in fact around another 30 hours of work each week lasting 6 weeks is when I put on my “Wonder Woman Knickers”. Instead of a suit, lipstick and airplanes, it’s shorts, jandals and tractors, which is a nice contrast for a few weeks of the year, but the key to success here is not to let my other role, my main roll, slip or fall behind whilst I return to “the good life”, keeping all the plates spinning in the air at the same time.

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Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, bigkev10101