W. Virginia Professor Advocates Killing Law-Abiding Citizens by Firing Squad


On Thursday, Christopher Swindell, a journalism professor at Marshall University in West Virginia, falsely claimed in an op-ed at the Charleston Gazette that the NRA “advocates armed rebellion against the duly elected government of the United States of America” and deserves to be executed by a firing squad.

“That’s treason, and it’s worthy of the firing squad,” Swindell wrote.

Bryan Preston of PJ Media took Swindell to task for his comments, saying the professor’s initial statement is “a lie.”

“The NRA advocates fidelity to the U.S. Constitution,” Preston said.

In addition to rank-and-file liberals on social media sites like Twitter, Swindell joins Democratic Party leaders like John Cobarruvias, Hollywood celebrities and liberal opinion writers in publicly expressing a desire to see fellow Americans murdered because they support the right to keep and bear arms.

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  1. This idiot is teaching our youth ~ the future of America??? He should be taken out and shot! As an American and one that upholds the Constitution and Bill of Rights handed down from our Founding Fathers I am appalled hat he is in an educational position. Shameless!!!

  2. In history, communists did disarm their citizens and murdered millions of them. Does ANYONE see the ties that liberalism has to communism yet?

  3. He should be fired and blocked from ever teaching again. Remember, this guy is a pussycat compared with Obama’s pastor of twenty years, Jeremiah Wright… “God damn America…”

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