Will Queen Elizabeth Step Down?

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Now that William and Kate have a son, do you think Queen Elizabeth will step down?


  1. Far be it for me to tell another country what to do, how to live…God knows our so called presidents been seriously overstepping HIS OWN boundaries with everyone, and everywhere these days! I congratulate the Royal family for their new little prince. God Bless them all. I would love to see Queen Elizebeth pass the throne to Prince WIlliam, rather than to his father, Charles, who at this point in his life, may not have what it takes, in this day and time, for their people. HIs wife, from what we read here, is an extremely disappointing thought, in taking the throne. She would make the people happy, to change direction of who takes the throne if she can be able to step down after passing the crown to her grandson and his beautiful little new family..its well deserved.

  2. The Queen has said repeatedly that “HER son” would never sit on the throne! I would presume she means Charles, who has been a great disappointment to both Elizabeth and Philip.
    As far back as when William was a small boy, the Queen has hinted at passing the reins of the throne to him.

  3. At her age I believe a step down/or aside to Queen Dowager would be fitting! There could be a smooth transition to a young and vibrant family while she lives to offer guidance. William and Kate now have their heir. They have had time to be themselves. Now William should be crowned King!
    To many remember Diana with fondness and what Charles and his adulteress relationship with Camilla did to her and thus to her sons! He rocked the monarchy and would not get the solid support Diana’s son has earned!

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