Cher’s Offensive Comment to Sarah Palin

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No matter what one person thinks of another, nobody deserves to be called the derogatory name that Cher called Sarah Palin on Twitter. Breitbart reports:

The singer/actress trained her social media fire on former Gov. Sarah Palin Friday, using her signature Twitter speak to slam a political figure for daring to disagree with her world view.

“Go to dictionary,& look up The “C”Word,….next 2 the definition…you’ll see a Pic of Sarah PALIN ! NO…WAIT …SHES UNDER DUMB C WORD”

Classy, right?

The fact is, if you want to share your opinions about other people, being gracious, classy, and fair goes a long way. Vilifying the other party and using derogatory speech is not lady-like, nor is it behaving like an adult.

I am disappointed that people in this day and age insist on being so very harsh with others. Isn’t ‘playing nice’ in spite of disagreements something we were supposed to learn in pre-school?


    • Cher may have been a great entertainer, but remember she only has a 9th grade education, her life has been more slutty and whorish than class and grace, and her family are a bit off their collective rockers, in particular Chas. No one cares what Cher has to say anymore, or anyone is the Hollyweird set for that matter. They are all just actors playing a part, and their opinion is not more important that anyone else’s. Cher is kind of washed up now anyway, so who cares?

      • The MSM dislike Sarah Palin, so they’re eagerly happy to let us all know what Cher twitted. They can’t wait to let us know.

        • Cher did not care what she said,she is so ballsey and did not care who she hurt. I think we were all wrong in thinking she has a sweet and kind soul.And why are people mad that this got out and remember who started this crap first.Live and let live, why in the heck cant she respect other peoples views???? so many people cheered her chaz on and were happy for him,why did she want to hurt sarahs family.

      • I’m very disappointed in Cher but not surprised. I think your comment about her 9th grade education says it all. She’s not well enough educated to express herself any other way. I think entertainers should keep their mouths shut on political matters. I bought tickets to her concert and she’s far from washed up. They sell out fast even after all these years but I wouldn’t have gone. Oprah got crazy and I cancelled my subscription to O along with the gift subscription I have my daughter. These people need to be HURT when they make these comments. WHY the flurry of hate to Paula Deen and everyone else gets away with murder? Is the N word worse than the C word??? Come on people! One is as bad as the other!

        • My father only had an 8th grade education as did my mother. they both had more class in their little fingers than many college grads so believe me when I say school doesn’t teach you class. You can’t buy class. You either are classy or your aren’t. She isn’t.

          • Nancy, you hit the nail on the head. My father never got past the 4th grade and you are right when you say education has nothing to do with class. You either have it or you don’t. I have seen millionaires that didn’t have an ounce of class. I have always been a fan of Cher but after her attack on Sarah Palin I no longer have any use for her as with Oprah and her racism.

          • These hateful comments reflect worse on the person making them than they do the person they intend to harm. Cher just isn’t intelligent enough to realize that. Someone with a 9th grade education calling a well-educated, good woman a “Dumb” C is far out. Be interesting to see how Sarah reacts to this. I’m sure she will react with grace as she always does.

          • I think you are right Bonnie. Sarah Palin has more class in her little pinkie than Cher has in her entire body. I agree with all that class comes from how you are raised. Happy New Year to you and your family.

          • Think about it, she sleeps with guys young enough to be her grandsons (she’s just an old mattress). That only happens because of her celebrity and money, and obviously no other reason. She has a daughter that isn’t comfortable being what she was born, come on. This all speaks volumes to the dis-function as a person that is Cher.

          • Well, I have a PhD and no amount of education will ever teach you class. That comes, usually, from how you are raised. I know plenty of people with little education who have incredible class. Cher just likes the shock value. She needs to be ignored.


    • She always was classless, and crude from day one when she came on the scene. If it wasn’t for Sonny she would never have made it as far as she did. She is a has been herself and needs to back up the truck a bunch and relax. Sarah can take it, probably will, with the class that has made her the governor she was, she is far from afraid of her I would definitely bet, but she is a class act herself in her own regard. She is a straight arrow and plays the game the same.

    • What a shame. Cher used to be so beautiful. I used to admire her back in the day. With a comment like that though, she proves that ugly can go all the way to the bone.

  1. And to think…I used to like you, Cher…but you’ve proven yourself to be just another Hollyweirdo with a filthy mouth and very little sense

  2. An old dried up hippy that used Sonny Bono to advance her career and then dumped him. She is so offended when people throw awful comments against her daughter/son practice what you preach.

    • Chas is just another screwed up Hollywood kid, that doesn’t know which was is up, can’t tell the difference between right and wrong, or good and bad. Cher really sucks as a mother.

  3. She needs to go get her lips sewn together, their big enough to do it now!!! These Hollywood nutso’s need to be shown a thing or to. DO NOT go to their movies, concerts, etc. to let them know we American’s are the ones who make or break them!! It’s called: “BOYCOTT.”

    • Haven’t gone to a movie in years, or bought a dvd, listen to music on the radio, but won’t pay for a cd. All these stars are nothing more than surface glitz, but there is little soul or spirit to them if they act like Cher has.

  4. I like Cher as an actress. Moonstruck is one of my all-time favorite movies. But as a person, Cher has the maturity of a 12 year old. She is vulgar, immature and has no common sense.

    • Exactly. The person being attacked is always more gracious and handling these silly remarks in the way Sarah Palin does tends to elevator her in people’s eyes.


  5. Cher, you are so pathetic. Why would you say things like that about Sarah Palin? Maybe, because you are jealous she is such an intellegent, beautiful, author, with a loving and happy family which you have none of these qualities, yes, I guess that would be it, jealousy!!

      • Yes Sarah Palin is intelligent. Have you read what she accomplished in Alaska as their Governor???? She is one smart Lady. It doesn’t matter what you think she has proved herself. She would have been a trillion times better as President as Barack Obama son of Kenya, Africa. That man can even screw up reading off a teleprompter and no I’m not a racist. Just against the man that is destroying the Country that I love.

          • Pot calling Kettle! You are the idiot Ian Cook and you really are pathetic having to intrude on GOOD Americans with your ugly comments. Why don’t you go live in Cher’s vagina.. I’m sure there is A LOT of room there.

          • Haha! I have no love for Cher. But, I am truly astounded by the fact that people think Palin is intelligent. Even the people in her own party are embarrassed by her and her ignorant remarks. Poor John McCain has come out and said that having her as his running mate was a huge mistake. She’s not intelligent, she should stick to talking to Russia from her back porch, it’s all she’s good at.

          • There are people who think Cher is intelligent too. Some even think Barry Obama is intelligent. Oh, to be as intelligent as Sarah Palin is. Personally, I think SHE had the wrong running mate.

  6. How dare her call a Lady dirty names because she doesn’t agree with her politics. I’ve always liked Cher and I am hoping that it is loss of mental awareness that caused such a filthy mouth because I’m sure that if she were able to look back on her life she would realize that she is not someone to throw stones!!!!

  7. Not necessary. Sarah Palin has accomplished a great deal and admired by many people. No matter your political views it is not right to insult the intelligence or integrity of another person just because you disagree with them. I like Cher and admire her talent I have my political views that I will keep to myself. I vote for the person not the political party. There have been many mistakes by this young inexperienced president however he has done a lot of good too. Time will tell. Cher ‘s comment only shows her lack of class. I thought more of her.

    • Please tell me WHAT good you think Obama has done! All I have seen is nothing but failure of our government and country due to his inept ability to lead this country. I have seen him and his wife take multiple vacations that cost us millions of dollars. I have seen him insult our country and everything it stands for. I have seen him demoralize our military and vet to the point they can not worship their chosen God and receive very little help when injured. I have seen him leave an Ambassador in harms way on purpose, which lead to his death in a most heinous and torturous fashion without batting an eye. I have seen him bow to a foreign King to demonstrate his sub-servant mind set. I have seen and heard him mislead and lie to the American public. I have seen him give billions in support to our mortal enemies after they attacked Americans on our own soil. I am seeing my country go broke because of his stimulus spending. So please tell me what good you think Obama has done!

      • I agree…sad…he could of had made our country so great…but no…he wants us to go down into the depths with third world…I think he has not done much….Dr. King did much more…pray for our nation…

    • what good has he done…he won’t use God in his comments…he does not care about his family…never home…doesn’t attend church reguraly…or tells the truth to us…cash for clunkers was his start…down hill ever since…sad….Cher is an actress…who knows what she really thinks…if you had a daughter who did what she did would you be happy…so sad…Sarah Palin is a wonderful woman…that has a good family…everyone makes mistakes…but they are trying to keep the love alive…prayers for both women…maybe if we pray for them they will do the right things…God Bless America…

  8. cher is a freak, her son/daughter is afreak and she is stupid and yet thinks she is smart that is the real difference between Palin and Cher and old, old, old, lady trying to be young, not going to work!!

  9. Vulgar, loud & rude; weirdo w/filthy mouth & very little sense; offended when people throw awful comments against her daughter/son; practice what you preach. Hmmmm … those all describe the indictments against Cher pretty well, but I would add devoid of class to round out the list. Such a shame the majority of Hollywood personalities can’t be positive influences on our society. The judicious application of soap to their mouths by their Mamas when they were children might have cured their propensity to think and spew such vulgarity.

  10. The Hollywood crowd have gained such fantastic riches early on in their lives that now they have forgotten what it is like to be one of “Us”. I have seen wealth turn people’s characters to such ugliness they believe it gives them rights to say and/or do whatever they want, and without thinking I might add. What they fail to see is that…..when the govt kills the middle class in this country and we are demoted to “lower” class status who do they think the govt will come after for money next? I’ve heard many a liberal say, “Oh I don’t mind paying a little extra to help the poor”. But when the middle class is gone, it will be much more than a little extra they have to pay. Can’t wait to hear them all start squealing like pigs when they start having to give up their mansions, cars and money. Their day is definetly coming. The only one’s who will be left with money besides the political elite will be those who “sucked up” to the political elite. I’ve never been an ass kisser and don’t intend to start now so I figure I’m a dead duck when my health fails because Obamacare insurance benefits will be withheld from me due to the fact that I’m old and considered useless to the tax base.

  11. Gov. Palin can handle it, she has dignity and class,… a low life like Cher can not bring her down… we really need to pray for Cher..

    • Bonnie, you are so right! As Christians it is our duty to pray for the “depraved” but it is infuriating to hear some of the garbage…I don’t give the Hollywood scene my money. I’m very picky there. God Bless You!

    • I agree. Jealousy like that makes people really miserable. Sarah Palin isn’t the first woman she’s hated on. Madonna, Gaga and a few others were dissed by her too, and she had to backpedal fast. Now I’m no great fan of either, but even they didn’t deserve Cher’s vitriol any more than Sarah Palin did.

  12. This is what usually happens when Conservative Constitutionalists say anything that the Liberals can’t defend. They stoop to name calling…Cher COULD have said that she did not agree with Gov. Palin and left it at that. That would have been the CLASSY way of dealing with the situation.

  13. Cher is just being Cher…a woman with no class. She has a filthy mouth and Sarah Palin is a good woman who loves God and her country. She is an offense to Cher who obviously does not know God or wants to. I pity Cher.

  14. You know, I grew up listening to and loving Cher’s music. Right now, I think she should shut up or sing. She is seriously out of touch with the people who made her wealthy because she has been separated so long from the working people who pay the taxes. Sarah Palin is not stupid. And she has never stripped off naked to sell an album.

  15. Cher is nothing but a over-sexed, botoxed, pig that preys on younger men,pig , who cares what she thinks or says. We all know Sara Palin is a wonderful knowledgeable woman who cares about our country. And a few of the liberal pigs are just trying to get back in the spot light.

    • Ignoring them hurts them (the Hollywood crowd) more than anything else. They NEED to be in the limelight, even if they are acting like complete fools to get there. It’s called desperation when they get old, no longer have a big, loud audience applauding them, and all they have left is those who are there for the money and good times her money will buy, and the other old farts who remember her better days. Let the old actors and actresses die a solitude death, because thye had much more than their 15 minutes of fame.

  16. As with Ophra, she has sure shown her stupidity,,,,lol, they think money makes them indistructable but I bet God can show them a different way of being.

  17. These are typical Hollywood demon’rats! She really is showing her true colors. All or most all of Hollywood are dumber than a box of rocks, and their lifestyles show it!
    I find this offensive, and she owes Sarah Palin an apology!!! Bottom line! Shame on her!


    • Sarah Palin is self-made woman who has devoted her life to public service. She isn’t riding on anyone’s coattails.She stood by her convictions even when the going got really tough. She loves God, her country, and has a big crazy family, complete with a loving husband. She is fit and lovely and has taken care of herself and looks good into her 50’s. I am a conservative, but what more could you ask for for your daughters, even if you are a liberal? To be a has been performer with a foul mouth?

      • Yvonne you know absolutely nothing about why Sarah resigned as governor of Alaska, but you are typical of a “low information voter” I don’t have to explain this to people whjo read and comprehend!

        • Doesn’t take a genius to know that she QUIT.I choose to ignore your follow the lead dog mentality. I don’t want to hear the Lies behind her choices. she is a QUITTER! Sorry you choose to believe the lies

          • You said it “choose to ignore” No thought process, no investigation, and I Thank you for acknowledging My “Alpha Dog ” qualities I checked out the liberal medias lies and persecution of this woman and made an intelligent observation, you’re the quitter you gave up before you even started.

          • You are no Alpha dog, you are just another member of the pack following obediently behind the Alpha Dog. And I choose to ignore you as well. Sarah Palin is a QUITTER!

          • Here again you know nothing about me but you make an uninformed statement as to my status, I think for myself and verify my sources”you” choose to ignore any thought process as to anyone else’s position, proves you are the quitter. PS, I don’t see one K=9 backside in my field of vision.

    • Nicely put Sarah. I so agree with you. Sarah is a true Lady much more of a Lady than the one that lives in the White House and Cher combined a thousand fold.

  19. she needs to go back in her cave with the rest of the old bats she has no class and no matter what your opinion is of sarah palin she is a beautiful classy lady

  20. Well she probably can’t help it. Her face is so frozen that she just looks strange. Age
    with grace instead of looking like a wax dummy.

  21. wow..Sarah Palin must carry QUITE a spirit of Righteousness…that is what is stirring up all the DEMON POSSESSED celebrities, and Main Stream Media news people. Demons get very restless and threatened around God’s powerful TRUTH!

  22. Cher has NO CLASS!!! NOT A LADY so what she has to say about someone with all the opposite is NOT WORTH THE TIME TO PRINT OR RECORD… She can SING it is best she stays with that and SHUT HER MOUTH otherwise.

  23. Could Cher have said that in a more ‘acceptable’ manner? Yes. But would it have been as EFFECTIVE? NO! However, WHY Cher said it is the BIG reason here. Palin IS a ‘c’. Palin is ‘dicked in the knob’ (for all you historical buffs) and really shouldn’t have opened her mouth in the first place, which is WHY Cher called her a ‘c’!!!! If your going to call Cher out on HER behavior and words, why don’t you call out Pain too and actually write about what Palin said to start this whole mess?!?!?

    • You know, there’s nothing like being personally attacked for stating an opinion that someone doesn’t agree with…… Seriously? I should ‘go away’ from one person who disagrees with me, and the reason is because I ‘smell bad’ from another who agrees with the first. Nice. Talk about ‘classy’……no wonder why you support Palin. You both seem to be just as uneducated as she is. Can either of you see Russia from your house?
      Serious question here though….
      Did either of you live in Alaska while Palin was Governor? I did. And she pulled some seriously shady shit, then LIED her ass off to try covering it up. Look it up if you don’t believe me. Cher may be a whack-job, but she was just stating the truth. At least the truth as those of us who know Palin see it.
      Now, grow up and quit making personal attacks on people just because they don’t agree with you.

      • cjnbb. The comment in regards “to seeing Russia from my house ” came from a SNL skit and not from Sarah Palin, but that’s more information than an “low information voter” can handle.

        • Hhmm…..sorry, I guess you missed the ‘Serious question here’ reference. I didn’t put the Russia line in quotes for a reason. 😉

  24. Everyone knows that Cher is out there somewhere most normal people wouldn’t wish to venture.. Why would ANYONE take a quote from her anywhere or anytime..????

  25. Celebrities really need to shut their pie-holes regarding their politics. Keep it to yourself. No one buys your merchandise if you spout idiocies. Cher climbed the rope and fell into the Hollywood pool with the rest of them. They seem to be some sort of genetic cross between tadpoles and a creature who can’t stop making the same old noise.

  26. I do not expect intelligent comments from cher. She is way too stupid for that. I hope Sarah comes up with a very classy and scathing comment, though. I am sick of the liberals (aka communists) pulling this crap and getting away with it.

  27. cher hit the nail on the head way to go.a cat is a cat and a dog is a dog no candy coating here call it as you see it

  28. I feel sorry for Cher. Those are the thoughts and actions of a rabid 12 year old, and she’s old enough to know better.

    • She is only a street smart woman, and has been run by Hollywood all her life, she doesn’t know any better, and is too ignorant and un-willing, and basically too old now to want to learn.

  29. Well, to be fair, Cher was a high school graduate….almost…? Without Sonny to tell her when to shut up, she wasn’t much.

  30. Cher is an overbearing, classless, idiot moron who opens her mouth and lets her mind hand out. It is not a nice thing to hear or see.

  31. Cher should keep her mouth shut or give a person a compliment, I guess with all her artificial face makeover’s that turned out very negative,
    she is not happy with herself. Nobody wants to see cher, it was sonny who kept them so popular!

  32. People in our country feel they can say anything they want….and they do. They do it everywhere, they are rude. I try to be polite to “pass it on”. Cher shouldn’t talk, she’s no better than what she called Sarah Palin. How has she lived her life? Is she a shining example of a woman or a human being?? Cher is nobody, although she believes she’s a somebody. She’s got to be pushing 70, is this how someone her age behaves? Instead of critisizing people, why not try to be a example of who people want to follow and be like. She’s irrelevant trying to be relevant.

  33. So disappointed in Cher…I had been a fan but all the ugly political comments from Hollywood is just turning me off. I’m done!

  34. Do those classless, clueless people in Hollywood really think that the American people care about their idiot opinions?

    • The really frightening thing is that, they DO think people care about their opinions, and even more frightening, is that many people take their opinions as gospel!

  35. I would think Cher at age 67 would know better than to be so foul against another female. Especially since the female in her life, her daughter, is now her son. Cher wants understanding and compassion for her life and having to deal with a daughter who becomes her son. So how can she attack another woman, another mother, with such vulgarity? Really out of line. She should be ashamed of herself.

    • MAYbe her daughters actions make Cher worse…we did not hear from her for about a year or so after Chastity had the mind change…so sick & sad at the same time…

  36. Okay,okay okay. Here’ s what probably got Cher to use her celebrity to lead young people who follow her and look up to her . She probably has been called that very name over and over and she thinks is means tall girl with act. Appearing nightly. She could not possibly have meant to be an insulting empty headed rude wag. Cher was created by Sonny to make music because she has a great singing voice. The world embraced Cher because we like that voice. We, however, want Cher to change her hat when she is not performing and act like a civilized adult with common curtesy. She can certainly convey the nation that she is for a different candidate or leader without showing a rude lack of class. There are young people who look up to Cher. Who ever you do not like matters to you. Let the young figure it out on their own. It is hard enough to get them to communicate with courtesy.

  37. She’s the voice of the demoncrats…they ALWAYS resort to name calling…like frustrated CHILDREN. Cher is the epitome of the term “brazen hussy”. Ignore her…she’ll go away.

  38. You got that right no need to act like a 2 year old spoiled rotten at her age it should come across lady like in deed But Cher couldn’t even raise her kid the right way and teach her about the word of God and lead her in the way she should go she left it up to others no tell when the kid was abused so she is still a kid her self now wonder things happen to her daughter…

  39. Cher is fake – everything from facelifts to hair extensions to fingernails. She goes through boyfriends like sponges but calls a faithful woman the “C” word? LOL! Cher is an uneducated immoral hypocrite and is obviously unhappy with herself if she stoops to publicly attack others.

  40. If she were a high school girl tweeting such garbage she’d be accused of bullying, which it would be. Guess Hollywood can say or do whatever they want and it’s okay. She’s a real piece of work, yes she is!

  41. there goes the “hollywood in politics”. Showing her true clors and saying anything for a laugh at anyone’s expense…Grow up Cher.You don’t even deserve a comment.

  42. And these are the people who supposedly promoted the old 60’s love and peace, what hypocrites. Love thy neighbor and “come on people now smile on your brother, every body “Get Together” and Love one another right now…mmmm.


  44. I saw Cher on a talk show recently. She flew in on a swing for some reason. She can barely move her face. I used to love her voice but she is just not a very good role model for young women anymore. And now this!!!!! Filthy mouth!! Typical liberal, if you don’t agree with someone call them names publically.

  45. not to be judgemental, but in the 50-60 yrs. Cher has been in the limelight, no one has ever accused her of being classy, intelligent, or polite. truely, i do not think she knows better. she’s in her 70’s now, and I doubt it will ever change. she has been offensive in many ways throughout the many years that God has blessed her career in showbusiness. all you can do is pray for her.


  47. That term is a slam to every woman, not just Sarah Palin. If Cher had one working brain cell, she’d know this. Maybe she’s really a man like her daughter!

  48. Chere will always be Chere and people need to take that fact into consideration when they disagree with certain opinions….some disagreements lead to war- I think we’re lucky she’s just an entertainer. #youknowcelebrityhasgonetoyourheadwhen…

  49. I have always loved Cher. She’s not only a great entertainer, she’s a great actress, in my humble opinion. But it’s certainly very, very disappointing and sad that she wrote such filth about someone she disagrees with politically. Quite obviously, she hates Sarah Palin; an opposing opinion is one thing, but crude filth because you disagree with someone is quite another! I cannot STAND Obama’s ideas, his constant lying, his lack of conscience and leadership ability, but would never write or say such vulgar, ignorant things about him like Cher wrote about Sarah. NOT classy…

    • Oh, and BTW, Sarah Palin may not be a perfect person, but she IS classy, intelligent, articulate (doesn’t need teleprompters!), compassionate, feisty, brave, and beautiful, IMHO.

  50. How can anyone like Cher call anyone that name, someone who has prided serself of her almost nakedness over the years.

  51. I used to love all the Hollywood glamour and glitz, and watched all the award shows, but after all these years of people letting go of their moralitiy, and getting worse all the time, I have lost total interest in all of it; I am totally into GOD! I used to like Cher, but that kind of language is below just about anybody. I think she’s insecure, and spoiled rotten. At these award shows all the women dress to see who can be most nude, or whose boobs are bared the most, it’s sickening. All of their hoopla is so fake, phoney, just garbage; none of them are real. It was so disappointing when I finally realized that. Time after time I would really like some celeb, and then discover that the celeb wasn’t worth it, like Christian Bale, I thought he was so cool, and all, but then I found out about his filthy mouth, and it was so bad that the director had to stop filming, and calm him down; he isn’t cool anymore. Then theres THe Baldwin guy, can’t remember the first name, I thought he was so handsome, he yelled and screamed at his daughter on the phone, calling her a pig; well guess what; he’s not handsome anymore. The list goes on and on, they aren’t what the they want us to believe they are,because none of them are real. The only reality is with GOD, there’s never a disappointment with HIM, and HE’s always there. As for me, I really like Sarah Palin

  52. This coming from a woman who was on stage 3/4 naked in front of her son and his band. What was the name she called Gov. Palin I guess at that moment she was looking in the mirror. This woman is not relevant anymore in anyway. This is a woman who gets up in the morning and her only thought is what surgery or treatment can i do to look young. Its not working CHER. SHE HAS NO SUBSTANCE

  53. I am so very disappointed in her. She has done things that I did not agree with, but I would never have made such derogatory statements about her.

  54. a few people have fallen into the Scum bag.close it up and throw it away.don’t forget martine Bashir.he should definitely be in there too. Just pu those hateful people out of sight and out of mind.Sarah Palin should sue tham for everything especially Defamation of character.

  55. Some this seems like the pot calling the kettle black!! Cher is neither high class or well spoken or intelligent. She is as dumb as a box of rocks, and Palin can run rings around her
    with wit, intelligence and grace. Cher needs to get her sorry ass out of politics. She has no idea what she is saying.

  56. People who live in glass houses should not run around naked…Oh but wait!!! Cher loves to exploit her body, so that barely fits her. She should consider her own lifestyle before jumping on Sarah Palin. Sarah is a lady and handles all the bad remarks against her in a lady like manner. Cher on the other hand resorts to name calling and vulgar language…maybe she is jealous because all Sarah’s children know what their genders are.

  57. Cher please get back to reality and be a lady for heavens sake. What you say is a reflection of who you are being and this is looking very bad for you right now.

  58. No one cares what Cher says anymore. She has lost all respect from her former audience. Vulgar, rude and unintelegant language isn’t entertaining.

  59. Cher has always been low class. She’s just reminding us how ugly she is inside and out. No wonder she can’t attract men anymore and has alienated her son – she’s ugly.

  60. I don’t think Cher even comes close to being the decent lady, that Sarah Palin is. How dare she pass judgment on such a lady who happens to be a terrific wife and mother as well, and especially not to pass judgment using such vulgar terminology. Poor little Cher probably doesn’t even understand what Sarah Palin is talking about. She just heard some lefty putting Sarah down, so she decided to jump in with the most intellectual words she knew! Has anyone ever heard Cher in an interview? If you had, it would prove the fact that you don’t have to be intelligent to become a popular singer or actress.

  61. I do believe that description pretty well fits Cher….of course Sarah Palin is too much of a lady to use language like that!

  62. Cher has to be the most classless person, from the low cut outfits to the now red color crayon hair, to all the plastic surgery she has gone under the knife for. Her foul mouth isn’t much of a surprise, at least Sarah Palin doesn’t do any of the above, now who has the most class? All political views aside, I would much rather my brother or father marry someone like the more natural & poised Sarah than the ridiculous and embarrassing fake Cher…..just sayin…

  63. Cher should just go back and spend more time with her plastic surgeon who gets paid plenty to put up with her and quit speaking in public. She once was a singer, she’s now making herself into a total fool. Poor classless Cher.

  64. Cher is a good singer and fine performer… Unfortunately, she lacks “class”… and her personal expressions lower her status… She is also a woman, who should respect other women who may not have her disgusting opinions, and she should be a decent American… She may not like Sarah Palin… and I wonder whether it is because Ms. Palin is a classy lady, who would not offend those who offend her!

  65. Sure, Cher is someone you want your daughters to emulate. I really don’t understand why Sarah Palin is so hated.

  66. So, let me get this straight: It’s NOT okay to bully others when you pick and choose who those “others” are, but it’s okay for “grownups” to bully and name-call?? I’m not understanding the mixed messages from the celebrities…are we to bully or not? Please define, oh mother of Chas!

  67. This will take Cher off my Christmas list. Palin would not retaliate but I can. Look under the word PENDEJA and you’ll find a picture of Cher.

  68. How sad. I am tempted to write something ugly about Cher but I will refrain from sinking to that level. You’re right, certainly NOT classy, or kind, or…

  69. cher was never a lady and I take it as a personal affront when you call her one. I will thank you to not add “Lady” in front of her name. Thanks

  70. i’ve writen this twice already,so i will write it again,well realy we are talking about a 60’s drug addicted,hippy,whore,who only in california would think she is entitled to condem another women with moral character,chers daughter so respected her as a women that her daughter is now her son,she was so trashy when i was a child my parents wouldn’t let me watch her disgraceful action. an trash was the words they used. now in her 60’s she has still not gained any class,or moral fiber,i didn’t look to her as a roll model when i was a child an i don’t see that she is entitled to an oppion now.

  71. I took the advice of Cher and checked out my dictionary and low and behold it was a picture of Cher there.

  72. She’s just an uneducated twit who got a lucky break during a time when the public accepted anybody and everybody with some kind of hippy persona, whether they were talented or not. She should be laughed to Kingdom Come along with her “daughter” or “son” or whatever it is.

  73. It seems ironic that Cher is trying to make a come back while at the same time alienating half of the audience out here. Pretty dumb I would say and sad that her son with Allman has to apologize for her. ding ding. Cher now history.

  74. Cher and the rest of Hollywood should really just SHUT UP and take notes from smart people.( cause there are very few in Hollywood.) I just wonder how she would react to someone calling her son and daughter vile names? But then again, you can’t fix stupid.

  75. [email protected]

    Everybody knows that Cher is the dumb c— in the room and has always been. Her opinions never mean squat. Poor old thing.

  76. she is only saying how she feels toward herself. . . when you place them side by side Sarah has accomplished so much more than Cher will ever.

  77. Never went to pre-school, never went to kindergarden, Started life in a family that taught us right from wrong, good from bad and how to count and read by the time we attended first grade in elementary school. We were sent to school with this warning: “Behave yourself, we have given consent for your teacher to paddle you if you do not behave. And remember if you get a paddling at school you get another when you get home!”
    We did not ever say anything bad about others in those early years of our schooling, we did however once we became teenagers, speak out our opinions!

  78. So the article’s writer is “disappointed” in Cher for stating truth bluntly, but not at Sarah Palin for her racist, bigoted lies, her fear mongering, her vapid stupidity, her pandering to the least among us, and her general pollution of the political discourse? Got bias?

  79. So the article’s writer is “disappointed” in Cher for stating truth
    bluntly, but not at Sarah Palin for her racist, bigoted lies, her fear
    mongering, her vapid stupidity, her pandering to the least among us, and
    her general pollution of the political discourse? Got bias?

  80. HE SKIN IS SO TIGHT FROM FACE LIFTS IT AFFECTING HER BRAIN . SHE NEEDS to take her head out of her ass ever thing she say sounds like shit.

  81. Gypsies, tramps and thieves…Cher and her clan. I reckon she knew first hand about that which she sang.

  82. Saying she is an actor and singer gives her too much credit. Calling her a classless fake makes more sense.

  83. I learned everything I needed to know about cher when after years of very publicly bashing Sonny, she was all of a sudden so heartbroken and distraught when he died. It was all an act for PR . What a cold hearted, soulless harpie !

  84. Can’t figure out how we confuse Hollywood types with Political thinkers, All of these people have opinions but honestly? Who cares?

  85. I,m really surprised at Cher, Women should stick together, I don,t think they run in the same circles anyway , Besides i think the glory days of Cher are long gone , she is living off last years glory sad to say As for Sarah Palin, she is not important media just likes to keep things going , I mean really does she do anything worth reporting about

  86. Some people are just dumb no matter their fortune or fame. Martin Luther King believed we should judge someone by the “content of their character” not the color of their skin. And regardless of the color of Cher’s skin she has no moral character.

  87. Just another libretard dumocrat trying their offensive and crude remarks, About a classy Christian lady. This Alinsky approach looks like it maybe running it’s course. We just need to hold our heads up and walk on. Don’t cast our pearls before swine.

  88. Sarah is still going strong and looking good, Cher is a plastic faced has been and she craves attention so she screws with this wonderful person

  89. It is the way the left works. If you don’t have an argument or fact, resort to name calling and foul language. That will show how intelligent you really are. I’m surprised Cher didn’t throw out the race card while she was spouting her garbage.
    If you disagree with someone, say why you disagree and move on. Liberals will never do that.

    • Got that backward. To every conserve I know, the best defense is a good offense. I think; therefore I am liberal. Their response when confronted with a serious question from me about how they formed their opinion is invariably, “Oh, so you don’t believe I can think for myself.” Never has any one of them tried even to give a clear rationale of their position that can’t be made up of slogans learned from FOX. Nor do they want to actually have an answer when they ask me how I can believe certain things that I do. Don’t know where you got your impression of “liberals,” but I know very few who are unwilling to have a serious, detailed, and lengthy discussion rather than merely hurling insults. Maybe you ought to change your circle of acquaintances.

      • Oh, you mean like Cher who says things like “Go to dictionary,& look up The “C”Word,….next 2 the definition…you’ll see a Pic of Sarah PALIN ! NO…WAIT …SHES UNDER DUMB C WORD”

        Does that sound like “a serious, detailed, and lengthy discussion rather than merely hurling insults.”
        That is exactly where I get my definition of liberal.

  90. I think the people who say dumb, derogatory things about Sarah Palin are jealous of her because she is getting all of the attention. Sarah Palin is NOT an actor, is beautiful and vivacious!

  91. liberals love to name call and verbally ‘stone to death’ anyone who disagrees with them while spouting hypocritically how we should all just get along and let everyone alone. they are the worst. cher is a wonderful artist. she needs to stick to her talents and leave thinking for those who know how to do so and express themselves diplomatically.

  92. cant stand her phony ass personality she is no better then a sluish whore dog women what I think of cher if u don’t have anything nice to say cher then keep your mouth shut whore

  93. nope , no class, she needs to shut her foul mouth, she is another stupid , ignorant Liberal, one of the ones that voted for our wonderful President!

  94. It is always amusing to hear a high school dropout call an intelligent,accomplished woman a dumb anything……And such a sexist remark. I guess that is only OK if you are a liberal,and the target of your insults is conservative

  95. Personally I am sick of the double standards these liberals have. They are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. Somebody that raised up a freak really should watch what she says about others she nobody to be talking about anyone.

  96. Cher has too much negative parts of her life to talk about others. Clean up ur own house first. Not exactly Mom of the Year.

  97. Cher is synonymous with plastic surgery… someone should tell her that, as well as the fact that being vulgar, potty mouthed, and distasteful are some signs of advanced dementia!
    Don’t watch her shows, films, listen to her music, etc… just boycott her entirely!
    Hitting her in the pocket will hurt!

  98. Cher is nothing but a washed up has been with too much botox and plastic surgery and too little brains .look up numb C and there is a picture of Cher.

  99. always thought cher had much more class than that. am I shocked?? class has nothing to do with education, its how much respect you have for yourself. and apparently……… you fill in the rest.

  100. Cher has become a worthless entertainer. She is jealous that Sarah Palin is more a woman then she ever could have hoped to be. Her daughter, Chas, flipped out so badly, she had a sex change. When you have a family that’s as nutty as hers is, you tend to lash out out those that you really want to be MORE LIKE. Lets face it, Cher has been vulgar, Rude, Crude, is under educated, has more skeletons in the closet and more loose bolts in her head then most people do. And when you can see the end of your carrier just around the corner…. Well, I guess anyone in her position would want to lash out at a woman with the grace under fire, looks, honor and courage that Mrs. Sarah Palin has. What I have said here may not have been subtle, but when you have a person that is in the entertainment business, with a fan base like most of them do and hear of them using what little power they have to hurt someone in such a childish fashion…. Well, they really do NOT deserve subtlety…. They deserve a SLAP in the face!

  101. The only reason she doesn’t like Palin is because Palin is the woman Cher thinks she should be but can’t.

  102. Class and grace are not an something you can leave, you are borrn with it. Cher and so many people from Hollywood have no class and they get away with all the vile things that thay do because they are liberals. If you say anything about them they attack with such vengeance that it’s frightening. And they will ruin you if possible just think about Obama and Joe the the plummer.

    • Oops auto correct ….it should read.. class and grace are not something you can learn you are born with it

  103. Isn’t it curious how people who disagree with Cher show just how little class THEY have when making a response. And that makes them somehow BETTER? -and morally superior? WOW!

      • As do those whose responses attempt to descend at least to the level of her original statement. Doesn’t mean I agree, just that civil discourse seems virtually unknown to anyone in the USA these days.

  104. And of course, only “liberals” would ever name call anyone who disagrees with them. Those conservatives are always so sweet and polite and genteel. Just ask any one of ’em.

  105. Maybe someone should “redistribute” Cher’s wealth and then leave her penniless outside the charity hospice…

    Contemporary conservatives like Ms. Palin are promoting thrift and responsibility in Governement, (and personal behavior) Whats wrong with that?

  106. You can take the white trash out of the slums, but you can’t remove the slums mentality from the white trash.

  107. Cher has no right to talk about anybody. She was married to Sonny Bono, then she up and left him for other men. Read that how you want you know what that makes her. Sonny Bono had the brains, Cher had nothing but something men crave. Cher looks stupid, she acts stupid, so I think she is stupid

  108. Who ever takes Cher’s opinion seriously? She is a washed up entertainer and saying things like she does is the only way for here to get a little attention.

    • Cher needs to keep her nasty mouth shut , we do not wont to here from her, or hear any thing she has to say.

  109. [email protected]

    These “celebrities” wouldn’t be where they are today if it wasn’t for good hard earned money from.The fans have made then wealthy powerful. Well to end their ignorance maybe stop spending your money on them. As I have never liked Cher really she isn’t any more important to this country as. I am. It’s just because the gossip rags nd media are giving her attention.look how her life is in the toilet her beautiful little girl who we saw as kid turn into a guy ,and many think this “old broad” has a good life? .Really how many more face lifts and body tucks this old broad can have? .how much more Botox cn that old bod of her take without side effects corroding what’s left of her brain cells?. She just proved to this nation she is what she called gov Palin. Her pointing that finger at another just shot back at her. If she thinks she is smart ,whatever I have big news she’s not ,she shows this nation her hate for the constitution and this nation.

  110. I hate it when celebrities use they fame to beat down people and promote politicians. I have stopped even going to movies or renting them. I totally boycott celebrities I use to enjoy watching their films but their political opinions have turned me off to their talents. I know a lot will will chastise me, but I really don’t give a darn.Cher is a great songstress but has a sharp tongue.

  111. I didn’t realize Cher was still alive. I suppose she attacked Sarah to let people know she is still hanging on, though likely in an advanced stage of senility. She tried to pin a “c'” word on Palin. The word that fits Sarah is “classy,” too classy to respond in kind to Cher, who has little education, less intelligence, and no class at all.

  112. Cher is just an entertainer with little or no education,was lucky to get into show business because she has mediocre talent, and has no sense of morals or political information, just goes by what she hears in liberal media. JUST like a liberal puppet spouts off ignorance and goes back into her reclusive hole again.

  113. My thing with Cher is her own daughter became a male be a use of her men of the month thing, so I think she needs to get her stuff straight before she goes pointing fingers at anyone

  114. Here’s the thing. Real ‘thoughtful women’ would have considered the source and totally ignored this. (as I totally ignore Palin. She’s hardly worth my time as a true GOP Thoughtful Woman.)

  115. just an actor playing a part is other official standing in any community.low class. glamour and m oney do not equal class of any kind.

  116. She is a washed out old bag of bones with more scars from stretching her skin that that is all that’s left scar tissue you should go away quietly while you can cause the trail your on wont be a good memory.

  117. Cher is a very unhappy person she always has been.. she needs to look up the b word i am very sure it will have a picture of her..

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