Watch What This Bride Does When She Walks Down The Aisle

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This bride puts a whole new spin on walking down the aisle. It’s adorable to watch.


  1. It this terrible horrible world this pretty bride singing such a sweet song should remind all who listen that marriage is sacred and something wonderful between two people who love each other. Thank you most heart warming and utterly adorable

  2. Lovely. Takes courage to do that, and mean it. They should play it every year on their anniversary, and I’m sure it would settle any arguments and seal the love all over again. The way he looked when listening took my heart away. Bless their marriage.

  3. You guys Rock! Remember to always be true to each other, know that husband and wife are equal to each other as a scale is in balance. A husband on a higher plain than his wife on a lower plain just does not and will not work. When a relationship or marriage is based on trust, honesty, thoughtfulness, duty to each other and the family for the well being of the family, sharing in all things both good and bad, love, kindness, and mostly a lot of respect for your mate. Everything will come together as it should be and those years with rocking chairs and picket fences will happen when you have grown in age with one another. I have had a wonderful woman as my soul mate for 38 years and love her now as much as the day we married. She has been GOD Sent and my blessing. Don’t get me wrong as there will be hills and valleys, mountains and plains, every type of struggle that you can imagine, but as long as you both work as one and do everything by family vote where everyone has a voice and a shared opinion, you will be able to solve any crisis and as you do will become stronger. GOD put husband and wife together as ONE, not two halves of a Whole, (One = Whole Unit). Confide in her as she confides in you and share the magic of the world and all it has to offer the both of you. Congratulations and Best Wishes for Total Success in all your years together and Remember you are in a contract with GOD and not man. Keep your eyes on JESUS and let him guide you both through life. You’ll be glad you did. Many Blessings!!!

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