judy-hot-desk1-300x200Judy Biviano Lloyd, Founder & Columnist

Judy Biviano Lloyd’s 30 years in politics, government, and business in Washington, D.C., New York, and California have placed her in roles inside government as a public …read more…


melissabiopic2-300x225Melissa Couch, Writer

Melissa spent the past eight years in social work, and has a great passion for issues of social justice, especially regarding child abuse and domestic violence…read more…

Kinsey Hein 

Kinsey Hein graduated from the University of Louisville. She lives in Kentucky with her husband and is taking this year to write and learn to live a fulfilling life with fibromyalgia.

ChickOpinion is her blog to help women and young people engage in discussions about current events and social issues.

tiffTiffany Cloud Olson is the bestselling author of Sleeping with Dog Tags, a memoir detailing her experience as a military wife while her husband served his third and final tour in the combat zone. In October 2012, the book was #3 on’s Hot New Releases for military bio (in addition to hitting its Bestsellers List, same category).

In addition to being an author, Cloud Olson works passionately to educate people about issues impacting veterans and their families, & has particular interest in the area of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) & post-combat support for veterans & their families. She has posed for the Battling BARE organization in order to help raise awareness about PTSD & her photo was featured by them in late October 2012.

Tiffany’s husband is a recipient of the Purple Heart award, and she is a member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Military Order of the Purple Heart (LAMOPH).

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CarolynHenderson (2)Carolyn Henderson is a lifestyle writer with a 20-year background in home education.

The co-owner of Steve Henderson Fine Art, she is a columnist for Fine Art Views and the creator of the lifestyle blog, This Woman Writes.

She is the author of Live Happily on Less and Grammar Despair: Quick, simple solutions to problems like, “Do I say him and me or he and I?”

Ellen Scarano is insatiably curious about everything that happens in
the world. Talking about events is one thing, but writing…

As a writer, her motto is, “Everyone has a story; not everyone is
willing to tell it.” Writing is for reading; two excellent skills to
nurture and maintain. Both reflect learning, exploring, discussing,
pondering, wondering, feeling, explaining, seeking, a dash of
humility, and loving.

Originally from Connecticut, Ellen lives with her husband, two adult
daughters, two grandsons, a granddaughter and four cats in Maryland.

IMG_3005Jennifer Landreth is a wife, mom, Yoga instructor and freelance writer located in Kansas City. She and her husband travel frequently to Mexico and the Caribbean and she has a travel blog and a health and wellness blog.

She has a degree in Mass Communication and feels strongly that journalists have a moral obligation to investigate all politicians and events so that people can make informed decisions based on the facts. We should always question what our elected officials do and not prejudge the outcome in an attempt to make a certain party or politician look good.

Jennifer has a passion for life and doesn’t want to miss an opportunity. After spending over 20 years in the corporate world, she is glad to have the opportunity to do the things she enjoys and help other women through health and fitness and writing.

Kathy Bernard is the creator of, a step-by-step blog that helps job seekers and the miserably employed find and land the jobs they want. She also provides career coaching and helps people transform their resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

She invites you to visit for Clear, Concise Career Advice

Lisa Cohen is the mother of two successfully launched children, Magali and Ari, wife of a Certified Consulting Meteorologist/Oceanographer Robert, and a Real Property Appraiser for the last 23 years for the County of San Mateo.Lisa is an active member of the Republican Jewish Coalition, on the board of the San Francisco Bay Area Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, and a transplant Texan who is a proud Texas Aggie, Class of ’79.For 10 years +, Lisa has sent out an e-digest, the Hamatsav that focuses on the Middle-East, United States politics, global politics and how they all inter-relate.
MusciNancy-business photoNanci Musci is a single mother of two boys and a licensed Realtor living in Columbus, OH. She has a degree in
Communications and enjoys writing as a form of expression and as a means to share ideas and information.When not working or watching her kids play hockey and lacrosse, Nancy enjoys running, cooking, writing and traveling.Nancy believes people need to take an active interest in what is going on in our society today, especially when choosing our policy makers and elected officials, and looks forward to contributing articles on current events as well as her many other interests.[email protected]

Sally Zelikovsky 
of San Rafael is an attorney turned stay-at-home mother. She is the Founder of Bay Area Patriots and Coordinator of the San Francisco Tea Party.
taramilhelmTara Milhelm is an ambitious student in the process of building her brand to inspire people everywhere to live a healthier and more meaningful lifestyle.Tara is a holistic health coach and will be a registered dietitia–all before the age of 20.  She has been studying the science and practice of nutrition for over 8 years and plans to continue to specialize in disease prevention and reversal, with a strong focus on weight loss and guidance.